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commutair troubles

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Looking Good

They also added an airplane and destination (Allentown) on March 25th. There is serious talk of another couple of airplanes and destinations within the next month or so.

The company is doing a great job of providing hard information as to where we stand with regards to what they have planned. No more vague information like what happened in the past. I will not go into specifics, but there are a lot of good signs. Everyone is pretty optimistic about the new micro-hub in Albany and from what I have been able to gather so far, loads are looking better.

Basically they are adding airplanes, and hiring (and not just because of attrition). After what happened in August of last year, I'd say things are looking pretty good. Morale is improving as well.

Commutair is actively interviewing right now. Although I haven't heard this from anyone in particular, I get the impression that Commutair is still looking for relatively lower time (900 - 1,500 hours) despite a lot of resumes from higher time people. So there is still hope out there for those who do not have 2,000+ hours. Commutair is a great place to cut your teeth in 121 operations. Upgrades are still relatively quick as well. They treat you well and have a good monthly (in Commutair terms that equals 4 weeks) guarentee. They also pay 100% of health insurance for employee AND family.

I don't know if the web page still says they are not hiring, but they are. There is some good info on benefits and pay. Check it out at www.commutair.com.
thanks nedude, as I said i was a capt. there for about 2 years. I am glad to see that things are on the upswing. The "beechball" is one of the best transition planes there are. Good to cut your teeth on. Good luck to all of those who are left.

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