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Well-known member
Apr 4, 2002
I have been at Comair Academy for about 18 months as a student and CFI. The system DOES work.
Everybody who hangs in there through all of the ratings and gets their 1000 TT and 100 ME as an instructor gets their interview. Almost all of those get hired. Maybe closer to 80% than 97% since 9/11, but that's still a better deal than you'll get elsewhere. Those who don't immediately get on with Comair find jobs at other regionals shortly thereafter. Try even getting in the door with 1000/100 from an FBO. Furthermore, try getting the 100 hrs of precious twin time anywhere outside a 141 school...good luck if you're not able to buy it.
The tough part is completing the program. A lot of people don't have what it takes...and I'm talking motivation far more than intellect. This goes for 141 schools in general! You must immerse yourself in aviation, not just show up and fly. You will attend groundschool three hrs a day, fly twice, and be held to extremely high standards both knowledge wise and in the airplane. Not a whole lot of time left for drinking, partying, going to the beach, etc. These are the people who don't make it.
The school provides what they promise...the ratings, the time, the interview, and a very good shot at the airline job...even post 9/11. They still have what most schools don't...airline owned, and, more importantly, an airline that's hiring.
Sniff Sniff

Anyone smell that? Hmmm....what is that smell...OH! I remember now, it's the smell of Comair Marketing hype. I bet I know what dept. signs this guy's paycheck, and it's not the OPS dept.!!!

Dude, you even write like a commercial!

Chunk <---don't buy the hype!
Man I needed a good laugh!! Gimme a break! I went to Comair for my instrument through MEII and aside from it being WAY over priced, it wasn't any more demanding than any other program at your local ma and pa FBO. If only I had known then what I know now I could have saved a shi-tload of money. And no time for drinking, girls, and the beach?? That was pretty much the lifestyle of 90% of the students when I was there and we all "made it through" just fine.
No, I'm not a marketer. Believe me, I've had more than my share of frustrations with Comair, as everyone does at every school. I could easily get caught up in sniveling and whining about the airplanes not being new, the prices being high, etc, etc. However, I choose to present the big picture. I'm just trying to get across to those looking at flight schools that people who come to Comair DO get hired by airlines, even after 9/11. Isn't that what we're after?
Also, you're right, people do party and go to the beach, myself included. It's just that many people take it too far. Are you there for flight training or the college atmosphere? Believe me, I've had my share of students who didn't make it OR spent way too much money because they didn't take their education seriously enough.
"Try even getting in the door with 1000/100 from an FBO. "

Hmm.. I know several quality individuals who have had successful interviews and were hired by different outfits who paid their dues at FBOs.

There are some people in HR out there who frown on the larger "hype" schools.
Who do you know that has been HIRED with 1000/100 from an FBO since 9/11???? I seriously doubt it. Probably closer to 3000/300. But, I'm not bagging on FBO's at all. I loved my part 61 training...it was very high quality and, yes, cheaper. It's just that you should expect to spend more time training and will have to build many more hrs in today's climate to be competitive with the guys and gals coming from the big schools who have connections with the airlines. Just ask some people who have been in Comair classes lately. Lots of high timers along with lots of academy grads with 1000/100. Nobody with 1000/100 or even 2000/200 from the outside.
You don't have to go to Comair flight school to get an airline job. Airlines don't CARE where you get your flight training. They care about whether you can fly a plane or not. As for people getting hired with 1000/100 post 9/11...Commutair pops up immediately. Anybody else want to chime in with others? Hmm....gross overgeneralizations *never* (whoops....there I go now), correction, ALMOST never work.
correct me if i'm wrong but comair airlines doesn't have a contractual obligation to hire anyone from their flight school. right or wrong?

that being the case, walk across the street from the ops building and get some specific numbers on the exact quanitity of instructors that have been hired on with comair airlines since 9/11/01. then i might be impressed. you yourself said "lots" of guys with 1000/100 have been in class recently.

i find it hard to believe that the number is that high given the quantity and quality of applicants that we now have to choose from. i spoke with one of the primary captains that conducts interviews in cvg just last week here in mco and when we talked about the type of people being hired now he didn't mention anything about academy grads. it was more like former or current 121/135 types with turbine experience. in fact, he said if you didn't have that type of experience you could pretty much hang it up.

additionally, comair the academy, not the airline, needs to update their website. every single one of the airlines that they list as having agreements with has pilots on furlough. just a little bit dated.

i'm not trying to be negative about the academy or flame you. i would merely like you to stand behind your claims with some specific numbers...
I'll try to get solid numbers for you if I happen to head over that way but I'm not the Comair poster child. I just wanted to give prospective students a heads up. Sorry if it sounded like I was trying to sell it. I personally know at least 20 CFI's who have been hired since 9/11 and I'm sure the actual # is higher. I only know 4 who have been rejected.

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