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Comair Training

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Dec 6, 2001
I should have class date for training within a month, can anyone tell me what kind of materials I should be preparing for training? How intense is the training? Thanks for any info.
To prepare for training, I would suggest you tell your family you will be very busy. Let the girlfriend/wife/significant other know that you will call, but not for hours on the phone, as you will have little money and less time. Get your life in order so that you can concentrate on the task at hand.

I would NOT suggest that you find any gouge, training materials or memory items. The memory items changed twice during my ground school, so I had to re-learn some of them. You are best served by getting mentally prepared, and not trying to get ahead of the game by studying anything special. If you want to look at something, I would suggest the 121 and 91 regs, your current ops manual if you have one, and the AIM. Then, when you come to class, make some friends, put your head down, and fly like the pilot you know you are. Good luck, and welcome aboard.
Thanks for info. I just got a call today for training date. Since it's my first 121 class, I don't have clear idea of what's it like. I will most likely stay in crashpad during training, but is there usually a good studying room (desk, chair, quiet room) in crashpad? If not, does Comair building has a studying room where we can stay there after class and study? Thanks.
I agree with SDD. If you feel you must prepare study 91, 121 and the AIM. The number one thing to do is to get your life in order prior to starting training. The best way to be successful is to not have any distractions.

BTW, I went through two of Comairs newhire programs in the last year. The only way you are going to fail is if you don't try, have a bad attitude or are completely incompetent. Relax. It's going to be fun, challenging and extremely rewarding all at the same time.

One other thing. If you don't have any prior turbine time get a hold of "The Turbine Pilot's Flight Manual". If I remember correctly it's written by a couple of guys named Smith or Brown. Ask around for the exact title and author's names. It's pretty much the standard guidebook these days for new turbine pilots. It's worth the $20 bucks or so. It's easy to find. I got mine at either Barnes and Noble or Borders, I forget which.

Good luck and welcome to Comair. You're going to like it here.... a lot.
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Just found out today, I am in the Feb 6 class also. Any idea how big the class is. Cant wait to get there!
What are the importand itmes to look for when I read 121 regulation? I am 135 pilot, so don't have 121 reg with me, where can I get them? Thanks.
Its a seperate book, 121/flight crew regs. Jeppesen makes a copy, should be able to pick it up from your local aviation store, or failing that, im sure one of the online booksellers will have it. Its about half the size of the 91/135 book but loks just like it.

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