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Comair Training Question

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Concerned Citizen
Mar 8, 2002
I was just hired by Comair:). I will have class soon and I'm wondering what you guys thought about buying CRJ flash cards from one of these two sites:




I know that when I get to training I'll probably do my own cards if I don't buy one of these two supplier's cards. I'm thinking that I could save a lot of time and would have more time to study if I bought them already done for me. Also if any of the cards are wrong I can simply mark out the inaccurate info and put down the appropriate information. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to buy them?

ALSO: I don't have a rolling bag or a flight Kit. Would you guys suggest buying one of these two before going to training? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Here's an excerpt from a post on uniforms and bags over on a different site.

Now, as usual - When did you interview, when did you get hiring notification and what is your background and flight time?


Comair new hires. Here is some information that you may find usefull.
Estimated Uniform Costs
These are estimates only. They are based on the high end for the most conservative figures. Additionally, they are listed as separate items…

During Basic Indoc, Comair will have a uniform company come into class and fit you for uniforms. The uniforms are expensive. I recommend only buying the jacket and hat through the company. Your pilot shirts, pants, socks, shoes, rain coat, black belt, overnight bag and pubs bag can be purchased at various locations and save you lots of money…. Here is some information on your uniforms and costs….

Jacket 184
Hat 47
I recommend buying your jacket when you are sized during Indoc…

Pants 35 o Get these at JC Penny; :”Towncraft – Wet Weather Wool”; Get 3 pairs initially for $105…No Cuffs. The JC Penny here in Florence, Ky know this -
tell them you fly for Comair.. 859-525-1170 ext 279
Shirts 15 o Get these through Van Huesen; Pilot Shirts; I got 5 short sleeve “The Pilot Shirt” – Style 53-440 for $75..800-999-0146 or fax 800-925-6488…
Shoes 70 o JC Penny; black low quarter shoes – your military shoes will work. No tassels or buckles. Ensure they have a rubber soles.
Overnight Bag 90 o I recommend that you buy the “Travel Pro” bag through Comair. It fits into the CRJ and is a good product ($90). You can also purchase a bag via Purdyneatstuff.com; 800-722-1793 or the Delta Pilot Store - Terminal A in any even ensure you get the metal “J” hook to secure your pubs bag..
Pub Bag 250 o Howe Industries in Sanford, FLA – 800-322-1830; you can get a discounted pubs bag for around $90 – this is a great deal… Max bag size is 18”x11” to fit
in the CRJ. Lots of guys get pubs bags through Staples
Jepps Binders 120 o Comair sells these at a great discount – wait till you get here for training.. I recommend (3) 2” binders and (1) 1” for Mexico Plates
Crew Tags 10 o You can get these at the Delta Store in Terminal A
Rain Coat 100 o JC Penny – Black or use your US Army Rain Coat and save the money
Belt 10 o Black leather – JC Penny
Tie 10 o Use your Army Tie and save the money.
Cell Phone 150 o Purely Optional. It really helps when you away from home. Sams Club calling card is another great option.
Est Total: $1091

Again, Don’t purchase ANY items ahead of time… These are worst case totals. You will save money by buying items from JC Penny or using your army stuff. You will have a better idea of what you need when you arrive for training.. The company will give you a detailed brief on this issue..

Welcome aboard!!! See you on the line!!
Wow that info is helpful. Thanks Skid. You covered just about everything.

I only have two more questions:

What do you think about buying the predone notecards?
What is the leather bag that everyone puts their Jepps in called?

Well I think I answered my own question. I did a search, they're called Kit bags. Do I need to buy one of these before training?
You don't need to buy ANYTHING before training, except maybe a new notebook and a pen. I wouldn't even suggest purchasing the suit jacket or the hat from Comair. You can get the hat much cheaper from Bancroft, and you may not even want the jacket. Now we can use a leather jacket, and since the winter will be over before you start flying, shirtsleeves will be all you need. I have heard that the suit jacket will not be optional, even if you get the leather one, but how will they know? And what will you need it for?

As for the notecards, I would say, save your money. I have been through initial 121 training three times, and I would suggest you make your own. For one reason, making them helps you to remember. Also, the memory items changed three times DURING my jet class. I had to re-learn them, and so will you. Also, the person who makes these cards probably doesn't work for your airline, and if he does, I hope he doesn't get sued by some guy who busts a checkride over one. Trust me, you are much better off making your own.

Your basic indoc instructor will give you a list of uniform and bag suppliers when you arrive, and tell you how to save on other items you may need. Who knows, maybe next month they'lle start issuing them like they do for the FA's. Just wait, and all will be well. Your best preparations for class will be to tell your family that you will be busy, and try to get your life as simple as possible before going. Also, they will give you a list of available crashpads your first day as well, if needed.

Good luck, and welcome aboard.
Sam's club also has great uniform pants for about $20 a pair. Buy them when you stop by to get the phone card. Comair employees are eligible to join Sam's as well. Good luck.
Make sure you get an overnight bag with the J hook permanently attatched. You wouldn't believe it, but these things get stolen often out of ops.
Thanks skydiverdriver,
Your info and skids will be very helpful to not only me but all the other newbies reading these posts as well. I guess the only thing I need to buy are some of those Sam's club calling cards:)

One more question though:
Are crashpads full of 4-5 guys sleeping on couches? What are they like and are we better off getting an apartment after the first week with someone, since we'll be living there anyways?

Thanks again and hope to fly with you guys soon,
Every crashpad is different, just as every crashpader is different. Some have a room full of bunkbeds, and are perfect for commuters who don't want to pay a lot, and are never there. Some are big houses, where everyone gets a separate room and shares a bathroom. Or, you could share your room and pay less. It's up to you.

Glad I was able to help a little. I wanted to clarify one point however. The info I posted was not written by me, rather I found it on another website and thought it provided some good information that was worth sharing. I don't want to look like I'm taking credit for someone else's effort there. Good luck at Comair.

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