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Comair Question

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Well-known member
Feb 16, 2002
I interviewed earlier this month at Comair. Today was the 8th business day and I went to check my mail. Received an envelope from Comair but when I opened it, it was a photo copy of the back page of the app where you list former employers that required drug testing. I forgot to sign it.

Is this usually a good sign or is it just something they need before they can even act upon my application. Anyone have previous experiences like this?

Appreciate the help.
Probably good news. If they were not interested, they probably would not have requested additional info.

My son's application was not complete either. He told them at the intereview that he did not have all the papers completed.
He was accepted contingent on all of the background checks being OK. And he did get his letter 10 days after the interview date so be looking for it in the next few days.:)
I 100% agree with pilotdad. Same thing happened to me with my High School transcripts. I faxed them and about 5 days later got the acceptance letter.
If they didnt like you or want you....that letter never would of arrived. Think of it as a good thing....But next time triple check all the paper work to make sure everything s filled out and sigend!;)

With all of the qualified applicants out there, be thankful they didn't just chuck all your stuff and move on to the next guy.

I would guess that hearing back with a request for more info is a good thing. They wouldn't waste their time if they weren't interested.

Good Luck!!
Its a good news:) so don't worry about it. I also agree 100% with pilot dad. similar thing happened with me also, They were missing a copy of my high school diploma. I know I did have a copy in my application because i had to make an extra trip to get that done. I sent them a copy the same day. On the 10th day is when i received my GOOD letter which was dated before the letter they sent me for missing info. Good luck to you. Hope this helps. Has any one else got there package for the training yet?
Same thing happened to me. They needed the high school diploma. It was in the stack of papers I gave the captain. I don't know why he didn't get it, but I sent it to them and a couple days later got the good letter:)

I have received nothing since. I wish they would send some info on when a class would be or maybe a call. I haven't even gotten the training package. Did you receive it Bull?? I interviewed way back in the week of Feb. 18. Should I call them and ask when an estimate on a class would be? Don't want to make them mad though, ya know:) I'm not really impatient, just really can't wait to start class.

Hey Jetflyer and Bull,
I called down there yesterday..859-767-2550 ext. 1454...
I spoke with a guy from flight operations... He couldn't give me an exact date or anything because he dealt with flt. ops and not classes.. But he did say that the slowdown IS due to the Aircraft still in Montreal at Bombardier..so thats good news...he also said that things should be back to normal in May...

I asked him where the Feb. 21st interviews might stand or what interview class was the last to go through training..but he didn't know. He said to call Sharon in HR..she should know..

I didn't call because I figure that it sounds like May or possibly beginning of June before a class. Plus I don't want to be a pain in the butt. But I wish we would get a packet in the mail sometime soon. I'm still on edge that something is gonna go wrong..but hopefully things go smooth and theres no more Sept. 11ths or anything else that could cancel classes.

oh yeah I almost forgot..

One of my captains interviewed a week before we did (jetflyer)..He called down there like 2 weeks ago and they told him to expect a class in mid-May most likely.

I'll keep bugging him to know when he's goin.
I recieved my GOOD letter dated and postmarked 20 days after my interview date. I recieved word from a former employer, withing a couple of days of my interview that he had recieved the required documents for my background check. Approximately 14 days after my interview I recieved a call from Sanford asking for additional background information. At this time I brought to their attention that I had not recieved a letter notifiying me of my interview results. They said I should have recieved the letter but to check back in a week if I did not recieve it. Sure enough that is when I got it. See ya'll in ground school.

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