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COMAIR pilots: a few questions

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New member
Mar 2, 2002
1). Where can I view your ALPA contract on the internet? (the pilot contract site that I used to access is no longer available)

2). Are there any apartment buildings or crashpads available that are within WALKING distance of the Cincinnati airport terminal?

3). What do think of the training you have received at Comair?

Thanks to those who take the time to respond.
From another posting on this site, but I've never used it:

"Go to V1rotate.com, then click on downloads, from there you will see contracts, click on that and just go to Comair 2001."

I found the training at Comair to be kick a$$. However, I have only been through the Brasilia program so far. Instructors were great, always there to help, and were a great bunch of guys. It was a very nice time.

Someone else will have to answer the question about crashpads as I don't work in CVG, but if memory serves there isn't much within "walking distance".
As Stephen Wright says, "anything is within walking distance, if you have enough time." Actually, no, there is nothing you could walk to and live in, unless you wish to live in a hotel.

To Anaconda, if you liked the Brazillia program, wait until you get to the jet. They set the standard for training, and my expierience was about 1000 times better than the Brazillia. We have maybe one examiner that's tough, but he just makes you work for it. Jet training is a blast.

Hope this helps you.
couple of questions for Comair guys,
Does Comair request furloughed pilots to resign seniority? also do they pay for accommodation during ground school?
Many thanks guys

one confused furloughed pilot here for now:confused:

Yes they do want you to resign. If you're from a major, you can probably forget it they're not going to call you. I've heard that they've hired an ex-UsAirways pilot, but look at the situation there and it's not surprising-a lot of their pilots are getting jobs because of that. Officially, all pilots including furloughees all being considered, but if you goto willfly4food or aviationinterviews.com or even here andlook at the profiles of many of the pilots getting interviewed you can see the trend. They seem to be interviewing primarily regional furloughees, flight instructor/mixed, and furloughees from Midway. I'd still send them a resume anyway.

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