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Comair mins go up-will this be a trend?

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Seeing the light
Nov 27, 2001
With Comair requiring 1800/500, can we expect the mins at ACA, ASA, SkyWest, and maybe even COEX and Lakes to rise soon? Anyone heard what they may go to?
These minimums are just for you and me. If you just go to the Comair Aviation Academy, you can still get on with the minimum requirements for riding a tricycle.
I think those already are the mins everywhere. They just aren't posted yet. If you don't have any turbine time you can forget it at most places.
You don't need the mins. if you know someone. I know a guy with less than posted mins get an interview at a very popular regional carrier. Does 300 hours of multi really make you any better than 100? I don't think so. My opinion may be like an a$$ whole, (stinks) but that's just what I think. I think by raising the mins they just cut out half of the pilot population applying. Less headache for recruiting. Any how good luck all!!!!!!!!!
There's a big difference between 100 and 300 hrs multi, because usually the guy who has 300 has 200 hrs of turbine time and the other guy doesn't.
How did you come up with that? The guy with 300 has 200 turbine. Not sure but I think there are a lot of guys with a bunch of multi that don't have any turbine.
Let's define the time...

Come on guys, 100, 300, 500, it all depends on the nature of the time. I personally know guys with 100 hours of PIC time in a rented twin flying approaches all night long in all sorts of weather who are far more proficient than others who have 400 hours SIC hours sitting in a King Air developing their radio technique while someone else flies. Then their are those pilots who fly night freight....I think most of you would agree, a few hundred hours of that is likely to sharpen almost anyones skills. I agree that raising the mins is probably more of a tactic used by airline recruiters to make their jobs a bit more manageable....but I don't know that those raised min's are exactly set in stone. They certainly haven't been in the past. I know a bunch of guys who wouldn't be flying at the regionals if they were.
My turbine time = 0!!

I do have about 1000 multi/pic/135 time.
By the way, for you MEI's out there, theres still hope, and you don't have to have as much multi as me.
I would think that 200 hours more flight makes a large difference, whether or not your flying down to mins every night or sitting in the right seat while your student gives you grey hair.....200 hours gives you that much more time in the aircraft to get use to flying larger aircraft. If your lucky, perhaps an emergency or two to put some hair on your chest and to give you the confindence that you can handle an emergency when it happens......but of course this is just my humble opinion......
It will always be who you know and how lucky your timing is in this industry. TT will help, but someone pulling for you from the inside will keep those mins soft for some time to come.

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