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Comair Idiot Pilot

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Nov 28, 2005
I was recently flying in New York Center Airspace when ATC asks a Comair flight to advise him on what his speed was going to be. It was bumpy that day and the airspace was congested. The Comair FO replied "It will be whatever we want it to be". I was laughing so hard, but gained my composure and keyed the mike and said, "just what does that mean?". The controller replied, "I was trying to figure that one out myself. Again he asked the Comair, "What is your speed?". Comair replied "we'll do whatever we want to do, and that's what that means." At that point the controller was silent. I asked the controller if I could be vectored around the guy who was doing whatever he wanted to do, but, luckily he wasn't on my route. Is this the norm at Comair? I once considered interviewing with them. If anyone else heard this on the radio, please comment.
How do you know it wasn't the FO's leg and the captain was working the radios????????? Were not all mighty lear pilots.
I can't ever imagine the Captain replyinig with a response like that. If it was, he needs help. He sounded very young. It was almost like he didn't know what his normal cruising speed was at the altitude he was at and was trying to come up with some sort of an answer. Oh well, I just thought the whole things was amusing. I had my laugh for the day.
"I had my laugh for the day."

No you didn't, because this didn't happen. Nice try though. Rhoid, Training, etc were a lot better at this than you.
Oh and by the way. I don't think that this is representative of all Comair pilots. There are bad pilots at all companies. I have many friends that work or have worked for Comair and respect the company. This guy just needs to learn some radio etiquette.
imacdog. I see that your are soon to be furloughed. My company is currently hiring. If you haven't insulted me, I might have helped you. :)
I just wish pilots would drop the "with you" in their initial transmissions to ATC. It's redundant and sounds like a student pilot. "Checking in" is almost as bad, but "checking in with YOU" is probably the worst. As if he was "checking in" with someone else.
I agree. "Checking in" and "with you" is very bad. But, what I really can't stand is when a United or USAir checks in and and pluralizes thier call sign. Example "Center USAIR"s" checking in with you". That is the worst.
"I don't think that this is representative of all Comair pilots."

Then why ask

"Is this the norm at Comair?"

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