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Comair Aug 5th class?

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Mar 6, 2002
Can anyone confirm that the Aug 5th class is cancelled at Comair? Are the deliveries from Bombardier really that far behind?
I called last week and was told there might be an August 5th class, but at that time they never officially commited to having one and to my knowledge no one was ever called for a August 5th class date. I heard from a pilot at Comair they are taking 3 planes a month for the rest of they year so that should help more new hire classes to start. I havent heard anything yet and I interviewed during the 1st week of March.
i couldn't find any info on our company website to substantiate that there was ever a class scheduled for that date. usually this close to a date they have a schedule for the first day posted. why they bother to do this is beyond me since new-hires don't have access to the site...
I spoke to Linda on Thursday afternoon. She confirmed that the Aug 5th class is postponed as well as the class of 45 FA's. She said they were in the process of calling those who had a class on the 5th and telling them.

She told me to call back the end of Aug and she hoped to have more info then.

I interviewed March 19th.

Hope this helps.
hey 54fighting, do you know how many people where called for the August 5th class and when they might have interviewed? When I talked to Linda last week she thought that they would fill the August 5th class with people most likely from Feb. interview dates. I would think the March interviews would be very close to getting a call for a class. thanks in advance
redsoxfan said:
I would think the March interviews would be very close to getting a call for a class

i hope you guys are calling on a daily basis checking on classes. i know of a few people from march interviews that are already in class...

hey guam, what's up? you finished with ready reserve for the month or what? A1 for me in a few hours! fun!
Aug 5th CNX

I'm currently in training at Comair and someone from the training department came in earlier in the week and confirmed that the Aug 5th class had been postponed. The thing that seems to be delaying class dates for you guys is the fact the training department is having to train all the Brasilla guys from Orlando in the RJ. They have priority right now, especially considering Comair is a little fat on FO's at the moment. Obviously this will change with all the new aircraft deliveries...in the meantime, hang tough. Your time will come!

No she didn't tell me how many were called, but she did say they were still filling from Feb. Hope this helps.
to give some perspective on class dates and interview dates, here are a couple of people that i know and the date they interviewed and their associated class date:


and now we have had classes on 7/8 and 7/15

so if you interviewed in feb/early mar and don't have a class by now i would think you need to bother them some more up in cvg...


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