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Colgan To Fly 340's For United!!!!

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I heard we picked up shuttle america's POS A models to go with their routes. Flying yesterday's airplanes into tomorrow......
I have it on good authority that the United filghts will be in the New England area.
Why would Colgan go for the retiring SA A-models, when all their other Saabs are B's? It's not like there's a shortage of B's or anything, although the SA birds have already been painted. ;)
Colgan will kill you!

Alaska82 said:
I heard that we were going to pick up a bunch of AMR's B models

They are going to use the 340's that are in Houston because CO is going to give them the boot. Colgan is is more like a chop shop. There performance sucks. 25% on time and 76% completion. Way to go guy's. They lost 8 mechanics in the last week an a half because they refuse to work in those conditions. If United give's you a contract I'd be suprised. Colgan is the worst Regional.Period. I have to ask one Question. What takes you longer, doing your pre-flight or reading all the inop stickers?
T-Gates said:
And what stellar company do you work for?

haha, exactly. It seems the only 2 you can work at on this board are UPS or Fedex. Every other place has some sort of a knock on it, and people love this.

Mesa: bottom feeders
CHQ: bottom feeders
Colgan: bottom feeders
SWA: PFT...gotta pay for the type
United: living through bankruptcy
Jetblue: no pay, will be screwed when they pay for their planes
Airtran: they are value jet you know
Eagle: have fun upgrading on 7 years
Coex: people did PFT here back in the 90's
Comair: this place used to suck, so you may suck if you work there
Continental: 1st year pay is 30K, so the whole place sucks

So if a dude wants to rip on a company and someone asks him where he works, what is the best answer that would not warrant any kind of comeback? I think the only possible answer is Fedex, but the comeback would be: "prove it"

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