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Colgan Saab Pilot Base

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Well-known member
Nov 3, 2004
Whats the chance of getting ABE as a base for a new hire. What would be the most likely base for a new hire Saab pilot.

Why, are they (or anyone else for that matter) hiring now (or for the forseeable future)? There are at least 100 of my coworkers that would probably like to know of someone actually hiring instead of more furloughs.
Like he said.... Colgan is going to an all hub system in the near future(IAD<IAH>EWR,maybe LGA and BOS). ABE aint gonna happen for you man. Most likely base for a new hire on the Saab (if your in the aug class) is probably gonna be IAD. maybe IAH but I doubt it. You also could end up in maine. I'd say by the end of the year there will be few of the outstations remaining.
There is one FO upgrading to Capt out of ABE so there should be a slot open. It may be filled already. Base closure is on the horizon but we do not know of a time frame. I once was told by a brand new FO that ABE would never be a Colgan base and within 5 months he was proven wrong. Good luck. And, er, yes Colgan is hiring.
My sources say the DEC program is dead.
Thanks for the intel. Not interested in the right seat though.
Been there, Done that and still couldn't afford the T-Shirt.
Well then it looks like Home Depot here I come, that is if I am one of the lucky ones to get picked out of the hundred's who have applied. At least they will give me the T-Shirt. I look good in orange.

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