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Cockpit Tours - Spare Me!

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Active member
Mar 27, 2002
Police: Plane Lands After Man Pesters Crew
Posted: 11:38 a.m. EDT July 10, 2002
Updated: 12:37 p.m. EDT July 10, 2002

MIAMI -- An Atlanta to Miami AirTran flight was met by police at Miami International Airport today after officials say a man asked to get into the cockpit.
Police say the man, who is reported to be a Bolivian national in his 50s and is mentally challenged, was questioned then released to his mother.

Police say the man wanted a tour of the cockpit and when he did not get it, he became insistent, but the crew said that they never felt threatened at any time.

"There was a young man who wanted a tour, there was a language barrier and no cockpit penetration," said Heather Rosenker, a TSA spokeswoman. Rosenker said she did not know at what point the man asked for the tour. Nelda Fonticella, a Miami-Dade Police spokeswoman, said the man did not force his way into the cockpit and was not carrying a weapon. The man's name was not immediately available
Maybe that was her "nice way" of saying that he had the mental capacity of a child.

My younger brother, who is only two years younger than myself, would undoubtedly elicit the same response.

I hope they showed him around later, and gave him a pair of those wings, like they used to do.
I agree...

One of my fondest memories as a child was going up to the cockpit of a Air Canada L-1011 while crossing the pond to Frankfurt and getting a small plastic "Tri-star" model and some wings. It is a shame that this can no longer take place while airborne.:(
I was in Brazil, 1984, little brat and flyin a regional flight in a 737 - - -it was Cruzeiro airlines, now extinct.

Anyway, my portuguese-speaking mom got me into the jumpseat 30 minutes before landing, and I sat thru till we got off the plane! Was interesting watching them land the plane, never was in the cockpit before...

ah back in the day..
In 1998 a buddy of mine who works for Lufthansa got me on the jumpseat of an A340 out of Atlanta to Frankfurt for the departure, it was interesting to see how you bus drivers do things, oddly enough the most memorable thing about the ride was the constant screaming from the small child sitting in first, that kids calling has gotta be an opera singer or something… I’ll keep my cushy corporate gig.

I've been in nearly every jumspeat that Canadian and Air Canada had to offer before september 11(and the merger). Every flight I'd ask to see the cockpit, and 99% I was granted access. Not anymore. It was fun while it lasted.

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