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Cockpit Fire Aboard United Flight

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This will be a good CVR. Sounds like these guys/gals? did it right.

Good job.

This is why we need competent, well compensated professionals in the cockpit.
We were directly behind them out of JFK and about 8 miles behind them when the fire broke out. Whoever made the emergency call was very calm and professional. Great jobs guys
It is always great to hear good stories of airline crews saving the lives of their passengers and fellow crew members. Awesome job! We just had our flight attendants successfully perform CPR and use the AED to save the life of one of our passengers. The passenger's heart and breathing stopped for over ten minutes and the flight attendants revived her! The sad part is the flying public has no idea what a tremendous responsibility flight crews have for thier lives, this United 757 could have ended in disaster yet the professionalism and experience is what saved the lives of all these passengers not technology. Again awesome job to the crew!
These airplanes practically fly themselves, don't they? I know they just asked the controller what to do, then pressed the "land" button.
Amen, Dude. Perhaps it takes things like this to remind the public that the best insurance policy is a well trained crew. And that policy is worth every penny it costs because YOUR mortality rate is 100% if YOU get killed in a plane crash.

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