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Coast Guard AUX?

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Registered Abuser
Jul 13, 2005
I'm thinking about joining the Coast Guard Aux for the winter. Instructing has been slow and you get to fly "missions" in civilian aircraft. I guess the Aux pays for gas. So there you go free flight time and no pay. Sweet.

I am however worried about how much volunteer time I have to put in before getting to fly a "mission". I'm also worried about having to spend time with people who dress up in uniforms and parade around for no pay. I'm not sure if I could handle the parading around part. The dork alarm seriously went off during a phone interview.

Is this something I'm going to seriously regret?
Bill, Drop me an e-mail. Most of the Aux Pilots I have seen have been retirees. The Aux can be a good deal. I have seen them ferry passengers, parts and perform searches for us and they do help out. I don't think it is something you will regret. V/R
I was talking to a pilot who uses his own plane for the CG Aux, and he tells me they pay him a certain amount per hour to do missions. I can't confirm this being true, besides the guy is a little of the wall, IMHO!!!!:confused:

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