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Close Encounters :)


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Oct 7, 2004
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It was a beautiful afternoon the other day as we were on our way to LAX from SLC. We saw two 747 pass near by at FL350 while we were at FL340. The third one gave us quite a scare though. We did not even receive a warning from ATC when we observed a Lufthansa 747 flying directly toward us. The TCAS had it at 1000' above, but it still called out "Traffic, Traffic!". About 10 seconds past, we experienced some light chop followed by several severe jolts that made us jump out of out seats. We immediately requested a climb (barely being able to talk), and we were able to come out of it within 20 seconds. I guess the winds must have been just right since I crossed many a paths with heavies at altitude but never had this experience before. Has anyone experienced such wake encounters since RVSM?


Dec 4, 2001
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I saw this coming as soon as the NPRM for RVSM came out. I think RVSM is fine for nearly perpendicular or side-track flights, but those paths that keep you inside the track of another are just plain insane.