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Climbto350-Aeroservice Career Fair-MIA 10-24-09

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Jun 4, 2007
Does anyone have any information on the career fair sponsored by Climbto350 and Aeroservice in Miami Oct. 24, 2009? I haven't been able to find out more then what is on the 1 page advertisement. For those who haven't seen it...

For example, on Colgan Air's website they state that they are not recruiting pilots at this time. I would hate to spend the money and time to attend if it wasn't a legitimate recruiting opportunity.

Unfortunately I have not been able to actually speak with anyone at Climbto350, Aeroservice, or the participating carriers.


Miami, Florida - Saturday, October 24th, 2009 from 10am - 3pm

COME MEET YOUR NEXT EMPLOYER FACE TO FACE at the October, 24th, 2009 Climbto350.com / Aeroservice Pilot, Flight Engineer, Mechanic, Dispatcher & Flight Attendant Career Fair / Open House. Last year we helped more Pilots obtain interviews and jobs than any other aviation career event.

This is a free event for both job seekers and employers.

Attending Employers & Recruiters:

China Aviation Recruitment & VOR Holdings - Recruiting and Hiring A320 Captains, B747-400 Captains, B777 Captains and B737-800 Captains for the following airlines:
JuneYao Airlines
Sichuan Airlines
United Eagle Airlines
China Cargo
Air China Cargo

Falcon Air Express - Hiring MD-80 Captains & First Officers

Metro Batavia - Hiring B737-300/400 Captains & First Officers

Colgan Airways - Hiring Saab 340 & Q400 First Officers

Cape Air - Hiring Cessna 402 Captains
By their ads every month on Climbto350.com you'd sure think Colgan has been legitimately recruiting, as the past few months they have posted ads looking for F/O's. First ad was asking 1000TT/100ME, the next month it was 1500TT/200ME, then back to 1000TT/100ME, all with previous 121 experience a plus.

My younger sister applied at Colgan last month, and never heard back from them either way (she's above the mins and is a current Part 135 F/O). She's trying to make a jump to the 121 world, and as many people in this industry are right now, pretty hopeful when they see these kinds of ads.

I've personally told her that I think Colgan's recruitment/management team is just faking active recruitment and getting on the career fair band wagon just to cover their butts and get some PR going, who knows. I'm sure they're looking through a pile of resumes for higher time pilots, in the 3000-5000TT range, even though advertising with way lower mins.

Maybe attending this Aerospace career fair would be worth it, just to speak with a real live Colgan rep? This career fair actually looks pretty weak for job hunting, those 4 other "confirmed airlines" will mostly require heavy jet type ratings just to be considered. But then again, it is FREE to attend if you can afford a ticket to MIA or are within driving distance. I'm sure if people attended this career fair and it was bogus and a waste of time, they'd make it well known, or atleast I hope they would.

I don't know about Colgan, but I've attended a job fair at Aeroservice before, and was subsequently hired. I found that during the course of the day, I was able to sit about eight interviews. I made custom resumes for each company listed for the job fair, for whom I would be interestedin working. I stood in a line for the door for each of those companies, and then presented a resume to the recruiters when it was my turn, and underwent a brief interview.

I was mildly surprised to see how many pilots showed up wholly unprepared to present themselves as a professional job seeker. Not dressed the part, not groomed properly, some looked like they'd just walked off the set of Barney Miller...30 years ago. Not that many applicants showed up, and wait times to interview were typically about 45 minutes or so. Some companies garnered more interest than others.

The session I attended was a few years ago, in different economic times, so what one finds presently may be entirely different. If nothing else, I suspect it's worth one's while to go see.
Alot different than it was four years ago the job fair had too few airlines and long lines for pilots waiting on the couple of ones that bothered to show up
They (Amerijet) settled the strike almost a month ago unless they are striking again! Last I heard the Co was not going by the new contract.

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