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civil air patrol

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Well-known member
Sep 10, 2005
Is there any any info about the civil air patrol unit in norman, OK. Im thinking of joining but I just want as much info as i can before I join.
They may do push ups in front of C152's in dorky outfits but its sure a heck of a lot better than selling crack or stealing cars.....

I think.
so i take it impressions of the CAP aren't so hot.

i was looking into them a while back, but never attended a meeting. anyone who wants to respond seriously, any serious information about what being a memeber really entails?
When I was in Flight School in Norman. At a flight school that now I hear is closed the CAP was in the next building over. They seemed "civil" enough. A very active youth program. As for the flying portion of it.... I dont know much. They do have a 172 that has a nice paint job and they keep VERY clean! ( I guess if you dont fly it at least you can wash and wax it)

Hope this helps.

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