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CitationShares Interview

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Well-known member
Feb 16, 2002
Anyone out there have any information on the interview process at CitationShares?

Curious what it entails, is there a sim ride? Any other info you can provide will be great.

I would like to know the same. I sent them my resume late Jan, haven't heard a thing. Actually I've sent to all and heard from none.

4100tt - business aviation
CE500, DA-10, HS125

Got the call from citationshares about 4 monthes ago after interviewing with them. They offered an F/O position. I told them to call back when a Captain position opens up. Have not heard since. Interview was laid back with cheif pilot and HR person. Seem like nice people.


How long did the interview last? Were there a bunch of tech questions or was it more of a get to know you? I take it no sim ride.

I had the phone screen last week.
I did not do the standard citationshares interview. I came to know of them through Tag aviation. So CS knew about me ahead of time. With that in mind, my interview involved only a meeting with a HR person (can't remember his name) (about 30 minutes) and the chief pilot (about 10 minutes). No tech questions. Just background and why I wanted to work for them. They said they are doing well and will be (they may be already) flying west of the Mississippi and opening bases out west. Nice people. They seem like they are putting the effort in to making it work.
CitationShares is a work in progress. We are the new kids on the block. Growing pains are to be expected yet overall I would say my time with CS has been a positive one. No company is perfect yet alone one that is just barely two years old!.

I have personally reveiced "ALOT" from CitationShares...I started when we were TAG StarShares (C90B/B200) and in 6 months of becoming CitationShares I was at Wichita KS getting my ATP/TYPE in the Bravo. (To be read as loyalty...what comes around goes around).

Initially the company needed captains, preferably with citation time...now has the company grows the senior flyers are proving themselves more than capable. So folks with allot of time I'm not sure if CPT is still happening or everyone starts as an F/O.

Our schedule is 7 on/7 off with CPT starting at 64k and F/O's at 35K. New pilot bases were announced...BOS/HPN/BWI/MCO/MIA/DEN/ORD...there are others yet I do not remember them.

CJ1's/Bravo's and Excels are the current fleet. HQ is in HPN with a very impressive new office building.

Senior management "in my opinion" is strong. Back when we were TAG StarShares you knew everyone and they knew you. As the company grows you loose that ability to know everyone’s name and large group dynamics start to occur...division of labor!.
I feel CitationShares is looking to keep the small company feeling while they grow.

There is no way of making everyone happy all the time and I personally have a few things I would like to see changed yet overall CitationShares is a progressive company that offers good pay/brand new aircraft/great schedule/good bennies and good management.

On a side note, I was informed on Oct 16th 2001 by our dispatch that my Air Force Reserve unit was "looking for me".

After calling my unit I was informed that I was being "called to active duty in support of operation enduring freedom".

I was enroute to Mesa AZ at the time...upon landing dispatch informed me that airline reservations had been made and I was returning to HPN and released from my current tour...All expenses covered by CitatonShares!.

Since that time I have received my one year performance review, with pay increase!, a generous X-mas bonus!!!, and reassurance that my job will be waiting for me when I am released from active duty!!!.

Say what you will yet I believe actions speak louder than words.
Bravo F/O-

Thanks for the info. Sounds like they are at least trying to keep people happy. Pretty much everything you said is what I've heard from others about them.

I'll keep my fingers crossed, I have an interview scheduled. Hopefully I'll be joining you on the line.

Congrats on the interview!.

Send your suit to the cleaners, get a haircut...not Mil standards just professional, shine the shoes and be completely honest when answering a question.

50% of it I believe is flying experience and the other 50% is seeing if you are able to provide customer service and work as a crew. We have some low time folks from the TAG StarShares days yet attitude goes along way.

The Chief Pilot is Mr. John Sharon. Former Coast Guard...Falcon pilot I think. He has an air of relaxed confidence about him. He will not set you up to fail. He will expect you to know your business and conduct yourself accordingly. Do not push or play your military background...sorry but it doesn't matter...flying and customer service matter!!!!!!!!!!!!.

VP of Op's is Mr Phillip Marracinni. A very educated an intelligent man. Lawyer/MBA and former mayor of Harrison NY. Phil was a King Air captain when I meet him and he wants to get the job done. Loves to fly/respects honesty from flight crew yet has no time for "games". His door is always open yet do not give him reason to call you. It's nice to have a former line captain in senior management.

Both individuals will give you time in their day, they will listen to your input yet might not always give you the answer you want to hear, so is life.

Overall all a great company that continues to grow!.

Good luck on your interview...show them who you are!.

Bravo F/O
Hey, 54fighting-

How long ago did you send 'em your resume? I would love to
here some details on your phone portion as well as your next phase when you get done. With any luck I hope to hear from them too!! Everthing I have heard about CitationShares has been positive!! Even though they are relatively new, it sounds like a great place to work!! Good Luck... send me a private message if you like!

Thanks, exF100driver
Bravo F/O

Are those pilot bases you mentioned domiciles or travel cities?
Could a new hire bid any particular city regardless of aircraft or seniority (like at EJA) or is a pilot assigned a domicile?


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