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CitationShares Interview Info

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New member
Dec 26, 2001
Short summary of the recent interiew at CS.

Request that you send along a PM if more info desired.

They are hiring. Simply put - they are impressive!!

New "kid" on the block. Good luck.

Check out their website at citationshares.com.

Pilot app website -
note the pilot flt hr mins


Interviewed Thursday, 14 Mar.

You will pay your own expenses to Greenwich, CT (1 mile fm Weschester Cty Airport).

Started the interview at 1230. You'll start in the lobby of a wonderful bldg by filling out an application. Recommend bringing along your most detailed app for reference. Dan will tell you what else to bring along if you're invited.

All the guys who were exec types wore dry cleaned shirts. First Class!!

Met first with Dan Smith. Straight forward and honest. Discussed more info related to the phone interview (which is the first thing to happen if you're screened).

Said their mins had recently changed (in the last 3 months or so; see citationshares.com). One of the keys here is to relate to all of the interviewers that you are interested in customer service, and provide a means to relate that sincerity or show examples of it.

Then to John Sharon. Chief Pilot. Discussed my flying career, emergencies, etc. Then asked me to brief a system of my a/c. Talked and used the grease bd in his office. He is relaxed and professional. Experienced. No time for BS here.

CS is under Part 91. Know it.

Then, met with Laura, who is in charge of HR. Straight fwd and friendly. Discussed - Why CS, moving if needed, benefits, etc. CS has 11 bases throughout the country. Know a bit of their history.

Then, met with Bob Yienger. One of the "big guys". In charge of owner services. When you get this far, it's gotta be right. He has over 20 yrs of experience in the hotel business, and knows the CS clientele. Gotta be right (be the right person, answer the questions correctly, show that you're the person who wants/enjoys providing first class customer service. If not, don't waste your time or their time). Not about flying in this interview, but about who you are and how could you take care of the clients.

Customer service is one of the keys. Depending on your flying quals, the focus could be more on who you are than the combo of who you are and what kind of pilot your are.

Dan said he had 3000 active applicants.

Recommend following up your online/email app with a phone call. Telephone number(s) provided on the website. Take note of his instructions IRT your resume and the email submission.

Again, good luck.
Do they require a Citation type to apply? Do you know what the competitive mins are?
They don't require a Citation type rating to apply. Not sure of the exact number of aircraft, but the "UNofficial" company word is that they plan to hire 5 per mo.
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Got called for the phone screen yesterday and I don't have an in. Fairly straight forward - mostly questions about employment history, violations, etc. Said I might get called in to meet the mgmt. I'll keep you posted.

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