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Chicago Express?

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Nov 26, 2001
I saw an ad on AEPS for Chicago Express hiring pilots, just wondering if this info is true or if it was just placed there by AEPS and is not true?
Hey Frieghtrunner

They are hiring. I just intervieved last month and recieved my letter saying that I was in the hiring pool. My time is low compared to some applicants so I think I have been put at the bottom of the barrel so to speak. I would send a resume asap, the rumor is that they are putting 8 sabbs on line this year and others to follow at the end of 2003.

I have other rumors also, so email me and I will tell you those but I do not want to post them because they are rumors.

Windy City

Thanks for the info on Chicago Express. I just got the call from Allegheny yesterday and I am going to interview with them on Dec 5th. I will send my info to Chicago Express tommrow just incase Allegheny doesn't work out. What was your total time and multi time when you interviewed with Windy City? Any other info would be appreciated.
Windy City

Hey ... do you have a fax/mail for these guys as well as what their published minimums are? Would appreciate any information that can be provided. Best of luck to all ... tailwinds ....

Scott Hall discussed his airline hiring today on AVCareerTV. The show will be archived and available tomorrow where he answered most of the questions you would have,
That would be good to know. Last time I heard, the interview itself costs several hundred dollars due to paying for the evaluations.
That's what I thought. They called me for an interview several years back, and when they mentioned the $300 interview fee, I told them "no thanks". Any company not willing to absorb the cost of interviewing, a cost of doing business, can't be the greatest place to work.

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