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Chicago Express Class Date?

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well congrats to all that are in this month. i have my interview this Wed. any info that could be usefull for the interview. i read all the gouges, but there all pretty old. i did have one question about the ten year history that they make us to do for the interview. do you need to have the exact day (01/01/1999) when each year you were in school? well thanks if anyone can help. one more thing is when is the april class start? is it the 29? thanks
i was wondering if you guys can tell me how much time passed before you found out if you got the job? i interviewed this past wed on the 17th. is it the letter in a week or do they call you. my buddy interviewed on the 10 of april and hasnt got a letter yet, does that mean he didnt get the job? well hope someone can help. i was just wondering if they do it by letter or phone call,, and what the average wait is.
From my own experience and that of my buddies, the call that you got the job (ie a place in the pool) takes anywhere from 1 day to 1 week. If you don't get offered a position you get notified by a letter in about a week.
I just have a quick question. I read in a magazine that Chicago Express doesn't have any minimums. Although I have really low time I decided to send in a resume and cover letter. yesterday(4/26/02) I called and spoke with Dan Henegham or something like that and he told me that just for my information, minimums are 1100 and 100. Can anyone verify this?

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