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Cherry Air Inc.

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Nov 25, 2001
Does anybody have any info. on Cherry Air Inc. located in Addison TX. I believe they fly falcons and lears. I hear they are trying to fill a February training class and was considering sending them a resume. Any info. about this company, good or bad, would be appreciated.

They do fly Falcons and some really loud Lears. I drive past their ramp everyday and they have maybe 10 aircraft parked out there.

I do recall them having a slowdown in work last year. There used to be a person who worked for them that posted on the old board. Maybe he/she is still around and can shed some info.


This has nothing really to do with how it is at Cherry Air but I had one experience with them when I flew to Vegas with a charter company on a lear and supposebly we were supposed to pick up antique expensive hubcaps and hall them back to LA for some rich guy. We were in a Lear 24, and it turns out they weren't hubcaps at all in Las Vegas, they were gigantic drum brakes for big rigs that wouldn't fit in our lear. So we call back to ops and they call cherry air to do the dirty work since they have freight lears. The guys show up in Vegas and to my amazement the captain was wearing a bandana and blue jeans when he stepped out of his lear. I thought it was some funny stuff. This all took place in Summer 1998.
Cheryy Air Questions

I'm your man. I will answer any questions by private message only regarding Cherry Air. I will tell you that they received over 400 resumes in response to their add.

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