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cheesy question...

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And shepherds we shall be
Dec 20, 2001
Anyone know where to go to find a St. Christopher pendandt?
I'd like to get one but don't know where to start. Plus I don't want anything like DeBeers quality. Just a simple pendant. Thanks for the replies


600' AGL Autopilot on (WHEW!)

I found one at an antiques flea market. There were lots of vendors there with estate jewelry and so forth...many to choose from.
St. Christopher is the Saint of Aviatiors isn't he? I was given one of these some time ago. I also recieved a pendant of Our Lady of Loretto which is similar to the one you are talking about. I believe they were both purchased from one of those religion stores that sell stuff for confirmations and first holy communiouns. I think there was one in Fox Valley mall near where I lived just outside of Chicago.

Hope this helps
>>>>>St. Christopher is the Saint of Aviatiors isn't he?

Actually no, St Christopher is the patron saint of Travellers, among other things, but not Aviators.

Aviators have a selection of 3 Patron Saints to chose from:

St Joseph of Cupertino, Mary the blessed virgin, and St Therese of Lisieux
There is a nice gift shop in St. Patricks Cathederal on 5th Ave in NYC. I'm not sure if you can find one there, but if your in the area check it out.
I've had my St. Christopher around my neck for years, and he's protected me well so far. You can get them at those stores that sell religious paraphanalia (sp?). I think I got mine at a Catholic store in OKC.

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