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CFI's now make the big bucks!

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And click above the chart where it says "benefits". With that compensation package...I think I'm going back to instructing!
Oh no not this again.

They are talking about a professional instructor, one who instructs for the airlines.
yea...click on flight instructor and see what it says:

"[font=verdana, arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Flight Instructor[/font]
[font=verdana,arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Instructs student pilots in flight procedures and techniques in ground school courses and flight training. Prepares lesson plans. Evaluates and monitors students performance. This position is typically is represented by a senior level pilot. The compensation data does NOT reflect salaries of flight instructors from smaller local flight schools who typically work on an hourly basis and consider the accumulation of airtime the highest priority in their respective careers."[/font]
U-I Pilot,

I caught that too. . . . The last sentence describes me and a few hundred others.
Actually, if you read the fine print, that's what Comair Academy has started CHARGING flight instructor to work. But don't worry you still have to pay 100000 grand to get your private, please don't worry.


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