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CFIs in So. Cal. area...question for you

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Active member
Dec 1, 2001
I was down there visiting family and was surprised at the dual rate. 45-50 bucks an hour. My question was...how much of that do you guys see? I was particularly interested in SBA, LA, etc. Thanks.
I used to be a CFI at a large flight school in Santa Monica, CA (SMO). I believe their rate is $35-40/hr now and the CFI sees $15-30, depending on the type of instruction and how long the instructor has been there. Our chief pilot charges $45-50 I think and he has no shortage of students. I am all in favor of charging more for CFI's....As long as the CFI provides a quality product and conducts himself/herself accordingly.


I instructed at a place in Camarillo (between LA and Santa Barbara) and they charged $40/hr and the instructor got $20. Not bad concidering when I was an engineer they charged $104/hr and I got $20! The highest instruction rates I've seen are in Palo Alto, CA. $60/hr plus if I remember right.

yes they do make that at palo alto. keep in mind that rent is about 1500 a month or more for a shack.
Where in Camarillo did you work sstearns2?

I worked out of Westnern Cardinal in the early 90s.. I remember the owner and his wife were the biggest idiots!! Can't remember their names though..
I instructed at Channel Islands a year or two ago and drove the gas truck for Western Cardinal 8 or 9 years ago.

If only those rates were common. I fly out of LGB and see rates between 20 and 35 an hour. The CFI teaching me to keep the glass side down has over 5,000 hours of dual given only charges 30 an hour. The only people I see charging more than that are FAA Designated Examiners.
Many schools at John wayne are charging $40 now, and you can get up to half of that if you want to put up with the bull**CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** of working there.

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