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CFI Renewal

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Registered User
Nov 25, 2001
In case anyone is in need of a quick renewal, I stared the Gleim on-line course this morning and had the entire thing finished in 3 1/2 hours. $99 bucks for the course, and another $25 if you want them to process the paperwork.
Man! You were smokin'!

I can't imagine anyone finishing that in one sitting. I took it too, although at a more leisurely pace. I think I completed it in less than half the projected 16 hours. Much less painful than the ones which make you sit in front of the screen for the full 16 hours.


My CFI expires in November and I didn't want to attend one of the weekend classes. Do you have a link for the Gleim on-line course?

American Flyers online course is cheaper

American flyers online course costs the same initially ($99) but then its free for life for the rest of your renewals. Much better deal.
>>>> but then its free for life for the rest of your renewals. Much better deal.

yeah, from a strictly dollars standpoint.

I haven't done the Am flyers thing, but I understand that you are required to be logged in and actively scrolling through material for the Full 16 hours. The Gleim course has 16 modules designed around a "hour's" worth of material, and you can accomplish then at your own pace. You are assumed to have received equivelent benefit of 16 hours, if you complete all 16 modules sucessfully, regardless of how much time you actually spent.

What dollar value do you place on a weekend?

A Squared,

So all you do is go grab some DVD's and turn your computer on. All you have to do with AF is change screens every 5 minutes or so. So sit back watch movies, surf for porn, or drink a beer. Then after so many minutes you take the test and its on the next session. It was a great way to kill a month of reserve.

No I didn't.. My local FSDO is 5 minutes away and I took the graduation certificate there.

If you bring it to the FSDO, don't take the 8710 that Gleim does for you. It prints it out on two pages, and at least this FSDO wouldn't accept it. I had to fill out another one.

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