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Cfi - Cfii - Mei

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Jan 7, 2002
I think I'm correct, but I'm not sure and I don't want to sound like an idiot before I run my mouth, but....

It's to my knowledge that you can get a CFII or MEI before your CFI. You can use either one for your initial. You do, however, have to take your FOI to get either one of these ratings. CFI entitles you to instruct private and commercial students as well as BFR's. The CFII allowes you to just instruct instrument and the MEI for multi-engine students.

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

Nick Kitchen
[email protected]
you can take any one of them as your initial check ride. you need to pass the FOI and FIA written for MEI and CFI and FII written for CFII.

with CFI and MEI you can teach basic instrument for private but for Instrument rating you need to have CFII.
hope this helps....

Check that its three greens.....
CFI sequence

Absolutely correct.

I've heard of people who were fresh off their Commercial-Multi-Instrument jump into the right seat of their twin and get MEI and CFI-I. Then, they circle back to their fixed single and get Commercial Single and CFI-A. I, for one, think that's an excellent plan because they're fresh off their orals for Commercial, Multi and Instrument and don't need to do a whole lot of extra studying. Also gets you more bang for your multi buck.

I took my CFI-I before CFI-A because I was fresh off my Instrument. I had taken my Commercial before instrument something like a year to two years before.
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I know a guy that doesn't want to teach landings and other private stuff so he only has a CFII and does only instrument instruction. I keep telling him he is missing out because private students are so enthusiastic and it is really fun to teach them!

--- Snoopy
You get board after a while though. I wish I had my CFII and MEI so that I had some variety (not to mention a place around me to teach it). My situation is a little different because I teach at a private high school where all they can get before they graduate is the Private. I am sick of doing maneuvers and landings. I have learned a lot just like most CFIs do, but after a while you need something to break the monotony.
Then I was correct then... thanks guys!

I'm going to try and finish my instrument and take my CFII written the same time as my instrument written and get my commercial (hopefully) before I go to FSU in the fall and see what I can do about teaching some instrument students at TLH while I do some schooling.

Thanks Again,
Nick Kitchen
[email protected]
Instrument writtens

Sounds like a plan! I did the same thing. I went to a weekend school and took my Instrument written. They had a deal in which you could review the course free within six months. I did that, got a signoff for the FII written, took it and passed it.

Good luck with your training. Let us know how it goes.
Yup, I got my Instrument instructor first in a 172, then multi instructor in a Duchess, and last added single engine in a 152. I never had to fly a retractable single engine aircraft for any of them. It worked out great.
Speaking of the FII, I see a lot of books for test prep for the CFI, FOI, but I never see anything for the FII. Know where I can get some info so I can start looking for the written?

Thanks Again!
The written is the same test as Instrument knowledge test. Study the Instrument Flying Handbook (FAA), ASA puts out a CFII oral exam guide and there is a PTS for it as well. Other than that brush up on all of the instrument stuff like you are going for the instrument rating again and practice teaching it if you can.

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