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Central Air Southwest

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airline mission

Active member
Dec 12, 2001
I was wondering about this company. They sell SIC time (which I am NOT interested in). However, I could be close to their PIC requirements 1200/50 very soon. Do they require SIC time first, or would they hire as PIC at their PIC minimums?

How are they to work for? Equipment? Maintenance? Decent place to be if I had to be there awhile? If I remember right, their website states 1500/mo 1st 6 months, then 1700 - 2500/month based upon route.

Would this company make sense for someone (like me) wanting to be competitive in the regionals?

Happy flying!

A long time ago I applied and was offered a job, but after a little research I chose not to go. I found that they have dealt with some problems with the FAA before on icing issues where one of there pilots was killed. It is the archives if you look for it. They fly Aero Commanders and you do not get paid for training, not even perdiem. In fact if you want to stay in thier house you have to pay them. That is kinda what finished it off for me. It is worth checking the way things are going now, but I will say research the company and thier history before you make a decision. You would be surprised to find out what is tucked away in the past.

Good Luck..
typical freight job, Central Air. Fly old 1957 aero commanders with the TKS anti-ice system. great system until the fluid runs out. Single pilot night freight without an HSI, digital radios, or even a heading bug sometimes. also no radar either. minimal pay, about 1500/month. but hey its multi time right?
Central Air

I remember seeing one of their Commanders parked for some reason at Wiley Post Airport in OKC about thirteen years ago. I recall hearing even back then the company wasn't that great.

135 time with them would certainly make you stand out from the dozens of flight instructors trying to get on with the commuters. The Commander is certainly a vintage and romantic airplane to fly. But, I'd opine there are better and safer 135 outfits out there than this company.
If you look back long enough, you'll find something bad about most of the companies out there. I had a friend that worked for CASW and he said it was some good experience. Personally, it looks like a decent outfit to me.

Also not all regionals or freight carriers pay for housing and pay you while you're in class. For example, Great Lakes never paid me during training but they pay for your room. You don't hear me complaining. Mesa has a similar sitution but you have to front the cash for the hotel then they gradually pay you back once your complete.

Good Luck!
As far as complaining about not being paid for training and housing during training, I am not complaining. I turned jobs down because they didn't pay me during training or for housing. I ended up with a company that paid me a little during training and housed me for no charge. That was the standerds I set for myself. I figure if a company wants to hire me to work for them they are going to pay me, I am not going to pay them. That is ridiculous and also what helped the PFT thing become commen place during the early 90's. I am happy to say I have been flying since then and never paid a company for training and I feel very good about that.

As far as the issue about every company having something bad in it's past, I agree that every company has had incidents, but it is a totaly different situation when it is an accident that could have been avoided by better managment and better MX.
That is where I was saying research, if the company has had a few accidents due to radom things that is one thing, but if it is a issue like a Chief Pilot pushing a pilot into a bad situation or MX not being done properly and people being lied to that is a different story.

My point is research, I did and got with a good company flying old, but good equiptment that they maintain well. It pays to know who you are getting a job with and it also pays to be treated like how much you believe you are worth. I thought I was better than having to pay someone to work for them and I never have had to do it in 10 years.

Good Luck
That's great then and I'm envious. I'm just saying that times are tough right now, and getting really selective may hurt someone. When I got furloughed from a regional in June, I interviewed right away and had good offers with 2 regionals and I picked the best one. But that was before the attacks and a situation like that is hard to come by if you're low time like me. If you have a lot of experience and flight time, then really getting what you want is a little easier. I personally wouldn't pay for training and have turned down 1 job because of it, and I don't think anybody should. CASW pays for training which is less than 10 days. You do have to pay for housing which isn't all that great.

Merry X-mas.
Most freight jobs aren't glamorous. In fact most people I have talked to say there are good experious,(its early) if you live through it. However, I live near KC Down town were there based and have watched them for a few years now and this is what I know.
Pay for an entry level job is not bad 1500 a month I think
They will train you and only ask for a 6 month commitment.
They like to fly to airports that have ILS's witch usually means fairly nice runways
I had a friend similar time to you, they let hime fly VFR the first month untill he broke 1200 then went on normal ifr routes so some hop there
He said that TKS wing works great and since most runs weren't that long and you carried plenty running out wasn't a major concern.
I have had serveral friends/assosiates work for them its not glamorous but they all said they were glad they did it.
I just talked to my buddy who flew for CASW this morning and he said it was a great experience and they'll fly you until your nothing but bones. 600 hrs in 7 months was what he pulled off with them. He said the equipment was really good with all the aircraft being standardized and panel mounted GPSs. The only thing he complained about was the management techniques. You also have the opportunity to live in some really crappy towns.
To summarize the time I spent working for CASW:

I got hired as PIC, with 1203 tt and 60 multi.

I spent $250 on a hotel and food while I was in training.

I worked out of where I lived, STP, had weekends and bank holidays off.

I made more there than I do now at a regional, when I was on probation! I made more than some captains at regionals when I was off probatioin.

I worked hard for them, in return they treated me fairly.

After 8 months I basically got an interview at 75% of the places in which I applied (regionals)

In 8 months I logged 800 hours of PIC multi engine time and learned a hell of a lot.

They're much better than some other freight companies I've heard about, I say go for it if your looking to build some experience and make some cash.

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