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cathy pacific??

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Feb 25, 2002
Does Cathy still hire low time pilots? In the 500 hour range as the third crew member on long flights? Thanks for your info....just curious
Mins are 1000 TT with preference given to applicants with considerable M/E and also turbine time. Having said that, I knew a guy that went in as an S/O about 6 years ago with 2400TT and 50 M/E.

Most of the guys,actually all of the guys I know that are getting in from Australia have turbine command on Saab's,1900's and Dash-8's. They go in as S/O's then get fast tracked I beleive to F/O within two years.

Try them, but I think they are ok for crews at this stage, I do know they have interviews planned maybe late this year.
Who is this "Cathy" Pacific, is she hot? Why would a chick like that hire you?

I think you must mean Cathay Pacific (CX). Waste of space that airline, they were superb back in the eighties, but now they are just Cackay Pacific.
We out...........

How do you know, do you work there now, or did you work there back in the eighties?
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I wish people would read the other threads on this forum about Cathay Pacific because nothing has changed and this topic just keeps coming up, again, and again, and again.....

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