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Dec 11, 2001

I was looking yesterday at a beautiful airplane, the Piaggio 180 Avanti. What a beautiful machine. I was so impressed by its lines that i checked its performance on the piaggioamerica.com website. 390 kts and FL410. That's really impressive !!

Anybody around who had the opportunity to fly it ? Does it really do what i read ?

I had not a chance to see the inside, but by the size of the fuselage it looks like a stand-up cabin ?

Last question : I noticed that the props weren't deiced since they are in pusher configuration and are deiced by the exhaust air of the PT6s, does that damage or give some kind of vibration to the plane ? Is it loud inside ?

Any information is welcome.

Are there any in captivity in the southeast or even flying Part 135 ?


Fly safe


I did a closed loop handling qualities evaluation of the Piaggio 180 when I was in the military. The numbers they advertise are about right, if a bit optimistic. It does have a large cabin as a result of the extensive use of composites. Their durability in this application is yet to be determined. It was relatively quite due to the aft positioning of the pusher props. Vibration was consistent with that of other propeller driven aircraft. I would expect the PT-6 reliability to be as high on this aircraft as it is on others. Longitudinal stability was pronounced. Stall characteristics, VMC and single engine operations were benign. It is difficult to subjectively characterize this airplane, but I walked away from it feeling that it was delicate. The support network for the Piaggio would be suspect in my view.

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