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Cat 2 & 3

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Well-known member
Aug 30, 2005
Are anything done to the LOC and GS signals for CAT 2 & 3 ops. Example, is the output wattage controllable. I know it is all the same equipment I just don't know if they up the power or do something that provides a better signal. Besides air to air seperation and ground traffice and ILS equipment(signal) seperation.
It's just certified for Cat 2 and Cat 3 ops by flight testing. It's the same old ILS as anywhere else.
The cat II/III hold lines keep aircraft farther away from the localizer signal while on the ground. If you've ever been on the loc in weather conditions where you can see an aircraft taking off (on your runway, of course), you can sometimes see the momentary deflections that localizer signal does. Even vehicular traffic passing through the centerline can have an influence.

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