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Cass System

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rod guhzhinya

Well-known member
Dec 20, 2005
I was wondering which airlines have their dispatchers registered in the CASS system? The company I work for claims that TSA won't allow us to be on CASS but I know for a fack that Skyway and Midwest are on CASS. Does anyone know what the requirements are for CASS approval. Thanks for your help!
At OH no one is in the CASS system would be nice
Thanks for the info!
Thanks for the info dispatcher121! I think they are giving us the run around here at ZW, or they are too cheap or too lazy to put in the paperwork! Thanks again and happy holidays.
Mesaba dispatchers are in the CASS system. According to our safety and hazmat guy, TSA requires all dispatchers to be in the system due to our required annual FAM rides in the cockpit. He says it is a requirement. Must have passport as well. It is a nice thing to have the access to others carriers cockpit but you must have a recip agreement with them. If you dont, then you cannot j/s with them.

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