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cariotomis? (sp)

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Feb 20, 2002

I was told by the eye dr yesterday that I had keratoconus, which is a thinning of the cornea, resulting in astigmatism. (Sorry for the spelling). Anyone has this or know of anybody? He says that he will correct by using a hard contact lens. I currently use soft contacts. As long as my vision is corrected to 20/20, or really close, I should be ok for a class II, shouldn't I?
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Got it

I have astigmitism myself and I am able to maintain a 1st class medical. Astigmitism is very common and really just affects your distance vision. As long as you are correctable to 20/20, it should be no problem.

The doc scared me. He told me that I might not ever fly again. He also is the eye doc for the Air National Guard here in KFSD (F-16's)

I just hope that he can correct the vision to 20/20.

back to ya on stadard E-mail.......


I saw the Doc I go to for my medicals today. Showed him your post and he said that it sounded like an Italian Deli Meat or something like that.;)
You sure that he is an AME and not a deli salesman? He doesn't joke around about sausage or anything does he?????:D

No deli salesman. He is an AME. Actually flew A-10's in the military and was his squadrons flight surgeon. Very sharp guy.


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