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Caravan Training help?????

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Grumman guy

Type and Altitude unknown
Jun 22, 2004
Who else does caravan sim training other than flight safety? They cant get me in until the end of October, and that wont work!

Any help would be worth a case of beer.
I'm just curious, but why do you need to goto a 208 training program? Did you get a 91 corporate job or something?
Grumman guy said:
yep, the company I am flying for just purchased a '04 Grand Caravan. We are part 91.
I don't know if you are happy with the company's choice or not, but I still enjoy flying the Caravan. I think you will too, good luck with your training and if you have any questions feel free to post or p.m.

Have fun in training...Pan Am has a pretty good sim, it's a Level D. Plus the Caravan instructors are pretty good there.
Grumman guy said:
Thanks for all the great info, I guess I owe some beer huh!
Have fun, I loved flying the 208, just try to stay out of icing, you might not make it out alive.
Yeah, you'll like the Caravan. I miss that airplane, it was "loads" of fun!

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