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Capt. Woerth, (a.k.a. "Pilot God"

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Jun 27, 2002
Dateline: Tuesday August 27, 2002

Attorneys for Mesa Air Group subsidiary CCAir will be in court tomorrow seeking an injunction to affirm a binding agreement between the Regional's pilots and the Air Line Pilots Assn. that will allow the pilots to go back to work.

At issue in the hearing before the US District Court for North Carolina is a contract agreement ratified by CCAir's pilots that ALPA President Duane Woerth has refused to sign. More than 70% of the pilots voted in favor of the contract and one of the pilot negotiators, Steven Kalik, is a plaintiff in the action against Woerth.

I don't have a dog in this fight, but how arrogant. Seventy percent of the CCAir pilot base ratified the contract, but Woerth won't sign it!!??!! Has "A.L.P.A." become "D.W.P.A.", (Dwayne Woerth's Pilot Association)??? Please tell me what I'm missing here. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'll need to have someone help me understand where I'm wrong. This guy's out of control.
what you're missing ...nothing

I am ex chicken and was there when johhny o first came on....to understand this deal you have to look back....JO wanted a b scale wage for j31 drivers, new upgrades and new hires..not retroactive... inexchange ,he was gonna put (or so he says) jungle jets on the property... our MEC , was run by freebird and gunslinger..(ask to find out who they were) they adamantly opposed this... however, many of the junior pilots, post 1997 hires dates( made up 1/2 of pilot list) wanted it and senior guys ( who weathered 1991 BK) didn't.... It flopped...the whole issue and the reason you posted, I believe, is because its union versus owners like JO. Mesa , MEC chair andy Hughes, has always been in CC corner, because if you win, they win, they always wanted our contract. it was the best...I'm talking min day, cancel pay, sub pay, .... the issue is union vs MGt (JO in this case), if ALPA buckles it goes against the creed. ALPA feels it must always control the tone... you guys (to the best of my knowledge through current CC pilots ) signed a deal pretty close to what they offered...if you held firm, the doors would be shut now.... In my view, ALPA does not serve the special needs of regional pilots nor can it ever...just look at Delta with their quagmire of two of the biggest wholly owned....there has got to be a better way.

somebody needs to form RALPA
alpO is a joke. The thought of them representing both the majors and their regional(s) is terrible..We are given no leg to stand on. Good luck guys
seeing as how the biggest airplane you ever flew was a Duchess, I can say you are hardly qualified to judge ALPA. You have no idea. Is there a better alternartive to ALPA?? I cant think of one.
seeing as how the biggest airplane you ever flew was a Duchess, I can say you are hardly qualified to judge ALPA. You have no idea. Is there a better alternartive to ALPA?? I cant think of one.

This has got to be flame bait, but I just can't hold back. ALPA is purely a money motivated entity that favors only the majors. If you fly for a regional or a national airline, ALPA national will do things in the best interest of the majors.
Just because there currently isn't a better alternative, it doesn't make ALPA any better. I think the Comair pilots are on the right track as far as a solution. They might not have the perfect answer, but they sure are making a good start.
The premise of ALPA is a good one, unfortunately it's not working as it should.
Any regional pilot who thinks ALPA is good should talk to their MEC and get the inside dirt.
As for Capt Woerthless, I remember getting an ASPEN message from him for Eagles last TA which had about 28 concessionary items in it. He said "I would take it if I were you. I think it's the best you can do." Talk about adding insult to injury after ALPA National came up with a 16 year contract with a no strike clause and no negotiated pay raises. Yes, ALPA National, not the EGL MEC. The initials of the individuals who came up with it are J.M. and B.C. for those of you who are interested.
Sorry for the long rant.
Yes, I do have some issues.

Do you really think RALPA would be any better> I'm all about unions just not ALPA . ( the machine) Just like any thing else money talks and ALPA listens.
Someone put it best in another post... We shouldn't abandon ALPA, we should fix it. About two years ago, there was a chance of getting one of our regional pilots a seat on the ALPA board, but there weren't enough votes due to internal politics. If every ALPA airline can get an equal position in ALPA national, ALPA would definitely be a different machine. As I've said before, the Comair lawsuit is a great start. It's about time someone stood up to "big brother." If only all the other regionals would follow suit... I personally know of many witnesses and culprits in the atrocities of ALPA.
The ALPA handbook should be changed. No one person should be able to have the power to go against the majority of the pilot group. In this day of computers and the internet, why can't they set up a secure voting system in which the majority of votes determines the outcome of the interests of the pilots?
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Law Suit

We also filed a law suit at Allegheny against them but time will tell if it is a waist of time or not . Like you said it is a good start and the first step to changing this crap.But it is a very costly process the machine has plenty of cash however the pilot group at allegheny does not. Hope is good for breakfast but lousy for supper!
Sam Adams,
When did you guys at ALG file suit against ALPA? Can you give us anymore details? Bravo for standing up to ALPA.


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