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Capital Cargo

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Token White Guy
Dec 4, 2002
Hey Guys,
I'm looking for some information on Capital Cargo. I have looked for a copy of the contract or pay rates and I have been unable to find one. How happy is the pilot group and how are you treated by the company? Positive Corporate environment? Any help would be greatly appreciated and any tips on getting in would be great!
I'm generally happy. The company compensates and treats you fair, unlike alot of other airlines. For instance, I have numerous buddies flying for the regionals and they are all treated like trash. To add insult to injury, they're also paid not even half of what they're worth.
That's not the case here. Most cappy pilots don't go to work mad and don't hate the company. Of course you do have your typical whiners, but then you have those types everywhere (I've heard fedex capt's bitching about the pay and schedule with fedex, so go figure) I guess it's all relative. I think freight is a little more stable right now as opposed to passenger flying.
There is a little uncertainty in the air right now, because rumor says that BAX (the company that Capital contracts for) was bought by TNT trucking, and nobody seems to know an awful lot about TNT. We don't know if BAX will continue to contract with us.
You may need that KY at Capital as they have a $12,000-$15000 training contract (somewhere in that range) to train you as an F/O..............and no type.
Think of it like this; you're not paying anything unless you quit, then it's only prorated. And in the current state of this industry, where ya gonna go, UPS? I don't know of too many people who actually left for a better job. The guys who have quit in the past are people who have been trying for years to get on with airlines like Jet Blue or something.

Cappy's not a bad place to work. It's way better than all the regionals. You never see people leaving here to go to work for a regional, but we have alot of guys who quit the regionals to come over here.
Many have left for greener pastures in the past two years and have found them. The amount of that contract.........even having a training contract at all, and without even getting a type is very shady. As far as your regional comparison, yea I'll give you that. The schedule there is not bad.
I can count the pilots on one hand who have quit for a better job over the last 2 years (not including the Delta recalls, retirements, people getting fired, etc).

I think one reason for the contract is because some newhires are excited about flying a 727, but when it comes down to it and they're on the line, they can't handle the lifestyle or can't handle working nights, so they quit, after the company has invested time and money in training them. They just want you to stay awhile.
Let's just put it this way. If it was a great place to work, a training contract wouldn't be necessary because nobody would be leaving. Capital is one of the ONLY airlines left that do this stuff. That should tell you something. You can rationalize this contract any way you choose. But in the end it is Bulls^$t, and everybody who is thinking about getting involved with these guys should know about it before interviewing because for many it will be a dealbreaker.

PS For all who work at Capital and enjoy it I bring no harm!
I'm not really rationalizing or saying the contract is right, I just understand why the company requires you to sign one, that's all. Personally, I hate training contracts as much as the next guy. I didn't want to sign it either, but I'd rather sign it and have a job as opposed to not signing it and be on the streets still looking for a job.

I agree, training contracts are going away, but every flying job I've ever had required you to sign one, even a large regional that I was with 10 years ago had a training contract, so I just go with it.

Us pilots are already stressed out enough about the uncertainty of our industry. Life is too short to try and fight the things that you will never have any control over.

I do agree that pilots interviewing with Capital need to be made aware of the contract before they interview...like you said, it is a dealbreaker for some folks.

If it makes anybody feel better, I've never heard of pilots quitting and having to pay their balance. Most pilots you talk to say that they've heard the contract doesn't stand up in a court of law and is not enforcable. I personally am not an attorney and I have never tried to get out of a contract, so I don't know for sure.
However, I'm sure the company would wind up paying more in legal fees than what it's worth to take you to court to sue for their money.
I agree with tgates.
A 2 year committment isn't that long in this industry... Why would somebody turn away a job where you get to fly a 727, upgrade quckly and make a decent living while flying a good schedule.

The only place people would go from here would be Fedex, UPS, JetBlue, Continental, AirTran, SouthWest, etc

A lateral move would be Gemini, Kalletta, TradeWinds, ExpressNet, etc... Yes, some people do leave for those airlines. Personally, I don't think it's worth starting all over, going through initial newhire training, learning a new airplane and loosing your seniority just to make $200-$300 more a paycheck.

Seniority has it's benefits and also it's nice that the company buys you a ticket on a major airline to travel you to and from work.

I don't know, it seems like the people who bitch about the training contract are the same people who never stick around anyway, and just want to "use" the company for a free type rating then jump ship. I guess the training bond is good for attracting the people who are really interested in staying and having a positive attitude.
Guys thanks for all the responses. I have recently been offered a LOR there and I have been researching the company to decide if I want to apply. After looking into it, I believe Capital is a decent airline and the kind of place I would like to go. The two year training contract is a non issue because I have the intention of staying and upgrading there if possible. I'm a current regional 121 CA with 3000 TT and 1000 Turbine PIC, do I stand a chace at getting in with those kind of hours and a LOR? How much hiring is Capital doing and what is projected in the near future (6-8 months). What is causing the hiring, is it attrition or growth? Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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