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Cape Air Questions

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shoveling the dream!
Sep 28, 2005
Does anyone know how Cape Air's payscale increases? How are Bases selected? How is Management? What is a typical scedule. What is a typical day like? Thank you for any info.
Great company.
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pay scale start at 12.50 get about a dollar a year (depending on how the company does) the new england lines are 12.50 so is florida, the carribean is 16.50 with a 40 hour guarentee.

Placement is depending on the companies needs. Now a lot of people are going down south and it will continue until about Jan. I have been told by some that if you cannot move for so good reason they will try to work with you to keep you in your area unless it gets really shrunk down.

They help you move down south with $3000 to the carribean and maybe $1500 to florida along with remenburisement.

Excuse the spelling i am a pilot
Everything that gto2002 said is right inline with eveything I've heard. My buddy just finished training (2 months long) but he is going down to St. Croix with the extra $3000 and seems happy so far.
Is that 12.50 per flight hour? Duty hour?

I really don't know much about cape air...I guess I haven't got over them aquiring Sandpiper :p

I've always thought it would be a neat company to work for and what little I've heard says that the pilots are happy and it's a great working environment people-wise.
I'd love to work for them. Prob is I think they want 2500 hour guys. They are near the top of places I'd like to work. Something to aspire to.
Times of recent hires varies from 1504-5000. Some with, some without the ATP. It would be worth your time to get your ATP before applying if you do not have it already.
the 12.80 is per hour period, which is nice and overtime is time and a half which is pretty easy to get. If you have at least 1200 hundred hours what they try to do is have you fly the mail and fo until you are able to get your atp. Since a lot of the a/c are going south those who are unable to get their atp now will be fo ing on those flights. If you go there without an atp they would like you to stay 6 mo, if you have to fly the mail to build time then they would like a year. All of it is a verbal agreement. The best part is that you are home every night unless they weather drops then you might take a boat, rental car, or they will put you up some where and give you $35 in cash for per diem.
Does that imply that there are guys being hired with under 1500 hrs? I'm above 135 minimums however don't meet the ATP flight (or age for that matter :bawling: ) minimums.

I don't suppose I've got a shot :)
You need 1500 hours and an ATP to fly the 402's. (This is not a company min, it's a reg). If you have less, you have a shot at the mail plane but typically that's for special cases not cold resumes. You could come out to Guam and FO on an ATR...

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