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Can someone tell me what happens- SWA MDW

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Well-known member
Sep 20, 2002
The FAA will no doubt try and pin "pilot error" on the crew.

This is more for my own FYI. Not trying or infering blame. Just looking to cover my as.

Can the parents of the 6 year old boy go after the crew and SWA in civil court?

Is their insurance available that covers a pilot if you are taken to court?
Unless it's intentional negligence on the part of the crew, they're usually exempt from any civil suit in this type of situation.

Any lawyer worth his ambulance-chasing credentials would much prefer to go after SWA. They'd probably settle out-of-court for more than you could ever get from the crew.

Not sure about SWA, but most contracts absolve the crew from any damages to equipment in an incident or accident, i.e. if you break something, the company can't make you pay for it.
we can bet our sweet a$$es that they will sue SWA, the crew, the FAA, the NWS, the company that built the ASOS/wx system, the city of Chicago, the contractor that paved the runway, the engine manufacturer, Jepp Sanderson, and everyone else
I'm sure Boeing will be glad they moved their corporate headquarters to Illinois..........going to be costly for that move.
As they should...and then once the city has to pay out 50 million to the family THEN they will build that 1000 ft overrun that they had planned 8 years ago and reroute central a half block west and/or a viaduct. Something in the system went wrong, someone died, could of been much worse...the only thing that motivates governments/big business is $$$.

Was the ATA close call not enough? Everyone says MDW is tight...and it is...we aren't talking about a 10,000 ft runway that someone overran. I feel for the family and the pilots...a sad day.

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