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Can someone explain the workings of the low in the uper midwest?

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I LOVE being on top!!
Dec 2, 2005

I am somewhat knowledgeable about the workings of WX but had a few questions relating to the low in SD on the link above.

1) First, where is all the moisture coming from that is causing all this snow. Since it is far from the Great Lakes or and other body of water I am perplexed as to what is producing all the snow.

2) Since at the surface it doesn't look like a deep low, how then is it dumping precip?

3) I always hear the term "upper level support". Does this low have a lot of it and exactly does this mean?

I am also looking at the strong low in the NE. Since the low will move to the NE will the stationary front over southern Canada block it or is the low strong enough to barge on through the stationary fnt?

If any WX guru's are around I'd love to learn more about this.

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