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Can Commutair's Q200 take a jump on a full flight?

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Registered Abuser
Jul 14, 2005
I've never tried to jumpseat on Commutair and was wondering if their Q-200 would be able to take a jumpseater with a full flight? 150 mile flight, weather looks good enough for no alternate. Thanks, flight is oversold and trying to catch a ride home.
although I only flew the -100 I would say the -200 can do it. The 100 had a gross of 34500 and could do it under the old (pre clt 1900 accident) weights but after not so much. The -200 has a gross of 36,300 (I think) so it should be able to get 37 and a jump under the new weights on a short hop.
I jumped on them once from IND to CLE....it was a clear VFR day with no alternate and the Captain had to go above and beyond to move stuff from the overheads into the cargo bay to get me in the jump...great group of guys, but I dont think its nessecarily a no brainer that they can take 37 and a jump under most sets of circumstances....
I was kicked Off a Mesa 200 with 4000lbs fuel and unk bags. I was in the back so it left with 36 passengers. I wouldn't count on it.

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