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Cage Marshall Consulting special offer for regional pilots


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Dec 20, 2002
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Lenny Runingen
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Denver, CO, December 15, 2014 - Cage-Marshall Consulting (CMC) today announced a new pricing and service structure for pilots pursing major airline careers. These changes bundle pricing and service packages as well as slightly increase overall rates for 2015.

Beginning on February 1st, 2015, CMC's Premier Interview Preparation Package will retail for $499.00 - up from $425.00 in 2014. The change is being made to include resume preparation and review service, which previously was a separate item.

According to CMC President Angie Marshall, "The years of stagnation in major airline hiring is finally over. The Big Three (United, American, Delta) need to hire thousands of pilots in the next 10 years simply to cover attrition. We are uniquely positioned to help pilots achieve their career goals, while at the same time, helping the airlines find the best candidates to fill their cockpits."

She continued, "we simply had to raise our rates because of demand. However, we wanted to make good on our commitment to the regional airline pilots specifically, so we are going to offer all regional airline pilots a grandfather option. All they have to do is email me at angie@cageconsulting.com their name, email, airline and phone number, and I will put them on the grandfathered list so they can receive the 2014 pricing in the future. There is nothing to buy and no commitment needed at this time, just an email."

Although the numbers of retirements and growth are going to necessitate a lot of hiring in the coming years, pilots should not assume that hiring will get easier. "If anything, the majors are going to be even more selective than they have been in the past because they need to make absolutely certain that their new hires need little in the way of remedial help or additional training" said Marshall. She concluded, "Being absolutely, 100% ready for each airline's interview dynamics is the smartest thing a pilot can do, and we can help them get to that point."

Editors note: pilots who wish to be placed on the grandfathered list for interview pricing must send an email: in the subject line write the word "Grandfather" and in the email include your name, airline, phone number, and email address to angie@cageconsulting.com, no later than January 31st, 2015.

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Cage-Marshall Consulting is the aviation industry's premier aviation interview and preparation services company and has helped thousands of pilots achieve airline careers since 1988.

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