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Bye, bye Netjets, hello XOJET

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Dec 7, 2007
Texas Pacific Group Hires Former EVP of NetJets, Inc. and CEO of Executive Jet Management to Take Senior Management Role At XOJET

SAN CARLOS, Calif., March 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Business aviation leader XOJET announced that Benjamin Murray, former EVP of NetJets, Inc., and CEO of Executive Jet Management has joined as president. Mr. Murray will assume responsibilities for XOJET's global business effective immediately, and will initially be focused on revenue and business development initiatives with a goal of continuing to expand XOJET's market share growth.
"We are thrilled to have an executive of Ben's caliber and talent joining XOJET," said CEO Blair LaCorte. "With Ben's depth of knowledge about the industry, along with his past measurable successes, we are in a great position to continue our tremendous growth, which includes growing our membership program, adding new aircraft to our fleet and making upgrades to our already outstanding service that is unique to XOJET."
Adds Murray: "I am excited to be joining XOJET, as I firmly believe they are the future of private aviation transportation solutions. Through their unique hybrid business model that combines on-demand charter along with membership programs, they have set a new standard for the private aviation industry. I look forward to leading the XOJET team through further innovations while helping expand market share, and maintaining their uncompromised attention to safety and customer service."
"Ben is joining XOJET at an exciting time, as we announced a new round of expansion capital from TPG and Aabar in November of 2009 and are in the process of receiving the first of our 2010 new planes in March," adds Blair LaCorte. "We are enjoying record performance and are in a terrific position for continued growth."
Benjamin Murray has held many senior positions within NetJets, Inc. over the last decade, and was most recently promoted to the Executive Vice President of NetJets, Inc. where he led business development, fractional sales, marketing and global aircraft fleet purchasing and planning. Prior to this position, Murray was appointed as the President and CEO of Executive Jet Management, the wholly owned subsidiary company of NetJets, that included aircraft management services, maintenance operations and on-demand air charter services.
Murray has more than 12 years of leadership experience guiding corporate flight departments for top-tier companies and high net worth individuals. Offering a rare blend of entrepreneurial and operational strengths, Murray has achieved an exciting company turnaround during his tenure at Executive Jet Management and is recognized within the private aviation industry for his success in growing sales and profits. Murray's exceptional track record of business improvement is based on his philosophy of total enterprise engagement in change. He is known for his ability to quickly identify and diagnose sales and growth impediments and has been able to refine the company's organizational structure, product lines, operational sourcing, sales as well as market position.
Prior to beginning his aviation career, Murray was an accomplished athlete having earned a Gold Medal as a Centerfielder for the USA Olympic Festival baseball team and was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1990 Major League Baseball draft.
"With the addition of Ben, we truly have an all-star executive team," said David Siegel, Chairman of the XOJET Board of Directors. "We now have the platform to continue to grow the company, and I look forward to working with the team on a strategic level as the Chairman of the XOJET Board of Directors."
How is the "fired" part anything more than speculation? It certainly could be true. Or not true. Where is it being reported he was fired?
Let's see. Prior to August he was President of EJM. EJM was doing very well at the time. (Having an effective monopoly on large volume aircraft management operations will do that for you.)

Santulli departs the scene and Sokol comes over to reorganize. He brings Murray over as President and COO of NetJets Inc. In very short order, Murray was then demoted to Executive Vice President of Business Development. Not much later he left NetJets altogether to pursue other interests.

Sounds like someone that didn't perform and was shown the door. I can read between the lines as well as anyone.
Damn..Griz shot down this thread before we could get it really going:p

I agree with Griz although I would have liked the debate about confidentiality from Fisch and a couple others:)

wait, isn't telling Murrays status at EJM/NJA breaking some sort of confidentiality?:eek:
this happens a lot. if you're a high profile individual and get fired/furloughed from NJA/NJI/NJE or EJM, there will be a job waiting for you somewhere else.

can't really blame the competition for going after these guys. I'd be doing the same thing

I know Santulli had them sign something about this sort of thing, I don't think Sokol gives a damn
New plates seem to work but haven't seen the dental kits. In fact, the lav amenities have been disappearing from the plane for months (or just not restocked).

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