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Brad's Update Now Available

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It's been another busy week here at Atlantic Southeast. I just wanted to share another great letter from one of our passengers. " During our flight to Southeast Bumpkinville, we realized that the Captain had dropped his flight schedule while rushing to the airplane from another flight that arrived 3 minutes earlier. Upon close inspection of his flight schedule, we realized that this pilot had flown 7 legs in the previous day, and that we were on the 6th flight leg of his schedule today after receiving only 9 hours of rest . We just wanted to thank this pilot for not killing everyone onboard due to sheer fatigue and exhaustion." Folks, I never get tired of saying that we have the best pilots in the industry for putting up with our insatiable appetite for profits at any cost. Thanks for all that you do.

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I'm blushing....I think that was my schedule he was talking about.

.......you are welcome.

Do I get an all star dollar for that? I am saving up for one those CRJ stickers.
Hey Sunlitpath,

You didn't win The Award of Excellence either huh.


That is absolutely pathetic, much like that "uncle rico" stache you parade around. To no learn a lesson from that letter is irresponsible and downright wreck-less. You know how to run an airline and how to intimidate pilots/flight crew, but not how to manage your "PEOPLE". Trust me, I'm glad I'm not under his regime.

You forgot:

"Thanks for all you do, even though we ass-raped you until your butthole turned blue!"
The original post is an all time low. It is classless and probably borders libel! It would probably be prudent to remove the post and close this thread immediately. Just for the record, your privacy is not protected in this matter--you stepped over the line and certainly violated Corporate policy. Poster Beware!
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