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Boston-Maine Airways

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Nov 27, 2001
Just saw on these guys website that they are flying BWI-HGR-Cumberland now for Pan Am. Also mentioned some pretty extensive growth in other areas. Anyone flying with these guys? Any speculation on if they will actually make these expansions??


My impression is that they are only going after folks with J31/J32 time right now. Word of mouth is that they want you to resign your seniority number if they hire you. I believe its a non union shop so you will have to draw your own conclusions.

18 months??

18 Months now?

When I interviewed early this year it was 5 years and I had to decline. I had almost 2000 hours in the J31 back in the mid-90s and the thought of flying it again for a further 5 years seemed excessive.

Thats dissapointing because had it been an 18 month contract when I interviewed -- I would have accepted the job.

Oh well...guess thats how the ball bounces.
I have heard that they furloughed their latest class.

Cutting back on all flying in Florida, and the Northeast
sweat shop

when I was there sched was 6 on 1 off...most were 16 hour duty days with 12 legs...5 year training contract for 15 grand. Their way or the highway type operation.

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