Born to Fly


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Sep 24, 2004
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If your gonna pose in your cool@$$ Cessna 152 with yer polo pants on, at least spend the FRIGGIN $300.00 on a pair of DC's.


Bring a towel!
Jul 17, 2004
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Mesa Fan Club said:
skyboy1981 is such a fag. why would you admit to a yahoo profile when everyone has been rippin borntofly. You must be the retard with his big sunglasses wearing in the IAH airport, and all you probably talk about to your captains is airplanes. I need to find another job, its geeks like you who allow pilots to make min wages. You find flying airplanes makes up for your 21.50 hr.
Awww...are you still pissed off at me for making fun of your screenname way back when?

By the way, my yahoo profile is very simple and has little reference to aviation. The picture in it does not show me in any sort of uniform or in any type of airplane. It is very non descript. I do have a life outside of aviation. As a matter of fact, I haven't even looked at these forums in the past 4 about you?