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Book Recommendations

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How about Netherland? It's good enought for the POTUS. Fait is the Hunter is a new book? Must be an update of Fate is the Hunter.
Lone Survivor- by Marcus Luttrell. It came out in paperback recently, so you'll find it in any airport newspaper/magazine/book store. Awesome book . . .
Animal Encounters-by Craig Childs. About meeting various wild animals in their element. The mountain lion is unforgettable. About $15.

The World without Us-Companion book to the Discover series. About what happens to the earth when all the people vanish. Very good.About $15

Spook, Bonk, Stiff-by Mary Gross (great name) About ghost research, sex, and dead people. Three separate books, all ducumentary in nature, all good. $15 each

When you buy from Amazon, pay attention to the "people who liked this also liked"
suggestions. There are some gems to be found. I burn through alot of books. Hope this helps.
"I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" by Tucker Maxx :beer:
The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. You will be stunned about where the world was as is going due to globalization. Basically it summarizes we in America are becoming dumber.
I've been reading Vince Flynn novels. Google him and read his books in order. Good stuff. CIA and special forces types doing covert ops and killing terrorists.

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