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Bimini Island Air?

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El Capitan
Nov 25, 2001
Just curious if anyone had any experience or knew anything about Bimini Island Air out of the Ft. Lauderdale Execuitive Airport. (FXE) They look like an interesting outfit to fly for, however there is very little info about them on their website other than the type of aircraft they fly and which Bahama Islands they fly to.

I would be interested in hearing info anyone might have on this outfit. Thanks in advance!
I used to help those guys around the hanger and with customers back in 97 when I was going through flight training. It seemed like a decent outfit to work for, except the owners (?) Mike and Andi would be known to lose their tempers and start tearing things up and cuss up the storm, so stay on their good side.
I think it'd be a good place to work. When I was there, they were flying a Metro and a few C-402's. I think they grew over the years..
They are your typical S. FL CE402 operator (although I know they have some Caravans now). I am sure if you are writing your message from anywhere N or 30' 00' it sounds tempting, but you should probably know that the Bahamas trips are out-and-backs and every trip is international, with the required 5 forms to be filled out, plus dealing with surly Customs agents on both sides. I don't know what it is like now, but I doubt they have changed much. Here's what it was like 5 yrs ago:

Expect to get treated like dog-doo with long hours, patchy training, and to be flying heavily-loaded airplanes full of Bahamian residents coming to the US for shopping (and therefore lugging every imaginable item back home). Get paid only when the gear is in the wells, no pay during training, and be prepared to wait out long delays in your training (unpaid) while being asked to perform all kinds of menial tasks (unpaid) such as loading airplanes (think- cargo airplanes!) sweeping hangars, updating jepps, and being a Gofer.

If it hasn't changed, and this sounds like your cup of swill- give 'em a call. If not, try http://raa.org and go to the member directory- you'll find a huge list of 135 and 121 operators with detailed info on fleet and contact info. Good luck!

PS, they lost an airplane on a training accident in '98. Very sad. YOu can read the report on the NTSB website in the Dec 98 docket.

Good Luck!
Mike is an O.K. guy. As for cussin' screaming and yelling if there is one person that doesn't do that once and a while, everyone does that, especially at home,I would like to meet him/her. When you are a CEO of a 135 operation the business is your home, so your entitled. If you are recieving it just don't take it personal. If you like to work hard flying the Bahamas is fantastic experience, if you like shoveling snow and deicing airplanes, stay up north.You will use the experience you learn with customs and imigration, and the international flying the rest of your life.

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