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"Big" people won't like this

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Registered User
Nov 25, 2001
Southwest to Force Heavy Passengers to Buy Two Seats


DALLAS (June 19) - Bigger may not be better at Southwest Airlines Co.

Passengers whose love handles cannot fit between the arm rests of Southwest's seats will be charged double for flying on the low cost-carrier, the company said Wednesday.

The airline, which does not have first or business class sections with larger seats, said the policy has been in effect for some time, but it will be more strictly enforced starting next week.

Starting next Wednesday, its ''people of size'' policy will require passengers who need seat-belt extensions or cannot lower the arm rests on their seats to purchase two seats if they are flying on a plane near or at capacity.

''If you consume more than one seat, you will be charged for more than one seat,'' said spokeswoman Beth Harbin.

When the plane is not crowded, a larger passenger can apply for a refund for the second seat, she said.

Southwest said that about 90 percent of the letters it receives on the issue have been from passengers complaining that their seating has been encroached upon by larger neighbors. The airline said one of the top complaints it receives are from passengers who say they were ''sat on'' during their flight.

The airline was sued eight years ago on the issue by a larger passenger forced to buy a second seat and the case was dismissed, Harbin said.

The airline said the move to more strictly enforce the policy was prompted by its decision to stop giving out its quirky plastic boarding passes on a first-come, first-served basis to passengers at its departure gate.

Southwest, which does not have assigned seating, is starting to dispense paper boarding passes instead, which are given out at Skycap counters, ticket gates and at departure gates.

Starting next week, ticketing agents will be asked to show greater discretion in enforcing the people of size policy when assigning the paper boarding passes.
Holy Doritos! Now we have stooped to profiling fat people, er-the "metabolicaly challenged". Where will it end? Has this nation no shame? First we want to scrutinize middle eastern men, now this! Call out the ACLU, call out the civil Libertarians, and call out Johnny Cockran (yes, I DO know how to spell it).
Maybe, just maybe could it be that an iota of common sense is insidiously creeping into this Nation's leaders?
About darn time. Have you ever had to sit next to a "calorically challenged" person on an airplane?? It sucks. I hate being smashed up against the fuselage. It's the fairest thing to do. Maybe they could make a special section with bench seats.

I saw a "metabolically challenged" lady on Fox News yesterday who is head of the Fat Peoples Alliance (or something like that) saying that 2/3 of people in the US are overweight and that if Southwest enforces this policy it's as if they are telling 2/3 of Americans that they (Southwest) does not want their business. Hmmm, fat lady, make your point if you must, but please do not expect me to believe that 2/3 of Americans cannot fit into a friggin airline seat. Give me a break!
Yep I was on a flight last week from MCO and sat next to a "metalbolically challenged" person. It wasn't the most comfortable ride. I mean if you take up 2 seats then pay for them. Do you think the fat lady will sing now?
"I see fat people"


If "festively plump" people don't fly anymore on Southwest and they represent 2/3 of the United States population, then won't the other 1/3 get the picture that if they don't want to sit next to Cartman they should fly on Southwest?

Translation--even more hot chicks on Southwest! Just think...with their already low fares (i.e. appealling to hot college co-eds) there will be even more hotties on Southwest! I wonder if this will up the number of jumpseaters trying to commute on Southwest?
Kudos to SW. I'm sure this will tick off most "weight challenged" people, but I didn't hear them b*tch when congress passed that tax break for them. Things that make ya go mmmmm?
Hey chica,
Did you actually put on your profile that you "flew" a 737 simulator? Perhaps I should add a few more cessnas to my profile. I feel a little weak. Just kidding!!
Wait, if you're listing "Simulated" time now, what about all those Microsoft Flight Sim planes you've got?

Oh right, that wouldn't fit on most computer screens.... :D

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