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Big girls don't look good in red!!!!!!

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Well-known member
Feb 23, 2005
From USA Today:​

And I totally agree. I remember seeing a Comair heffer in that red dress they had. Looked like an overstuffed red sausage. Yikes!!!:smash:​

Delta's big attendents unable to wear new uniform; union protests​
Delta is not offering its new red-dress uniforms to its biggest flight attendants. That has the union that represented attendants at Northwest – now a subsidiary of Delta – crying foul, The Associated Press reports. The Atlanta Journal Constitution says Delta's "uniform policy … keeps flight attendants larger than size 18 from wearing Delta’s eye-catching signature red dress." The airline offers the red-dress uniform only through size 18. However, the St. Paul Pioneer Press notes that, "in navy blue, the Delta Air Lines female flight attendants' uniform dresses go up to size 28."
The union that represented the NWA attendants says that's not unacceptable. The Journal-Constitution writes "the Association of Flight Attendants at Northwest filed grievances because of the lack of availability of the red dress for females larger than size 18 and a requirement that flight attendants who wear orthopedic shoes must wear slacks instead of a skirt or dress. Those that wear the orthopedic shoes must obtain a doctor’s note."
Delta hired Tyler in 2004 to redesign its attendants uniforms, which debuted 2006. AP notes that Tyler's designs have graced many Hollywood stars, including Julia Roberts, Heather Locklear and Jamie Lee Curtis. For Delta's attendants, AP says "(Tyler) promised a classier — and in some cases, sexier — look for flight attendants, airport agents and other workers."
"Whether that look should be available in red to women whose size is closer to Klondike Kate than Kate Moss remains a point of contention," the Pioneer Press writes. Patricia Reller handles grievances for the NWA union's executive committee. She tells AP that she did not know how many NWA attendants have been affected by the size-18 cap as they switch over to the uniforms of merger partner Delta. But, Reller says that if even one over-18-sized NWA attendant wants to wear the red dress, then she should be able to.
"I think red is an eye-popping color and it's not subtle, and to me by not offering it in a size over 18, Delta is saying, 'We don't want you wearing that if you are over size 18,' " Reller tells AP. "But the job isn't about being sexy. It's about safety."
As for Delta, "spokeswoman Gina Laughlin could not immediately say why the red dress is not available in bigger sizes while other uniform options are. But she said there have been few complaints," AP writes. She also points out several other uniform choices are available to attendants who are bigger than a size 18. Laughlin adds to the Journal-Constitution that designer Tyler has participated in some of the "fit sessions" with attendants. "This is Richard Tyler’s collection —- he designed it; he knows it better than anyone,” Laughlin tells the Journal-Constitution. "So his perspective on how the pieces were meant to be worn, perhaps how the pieces could be best altered to fit someone —- that’s invaluable perspective."

"Delta has denied the union's grievance, which means it's now headed for mediation," the Pioneer Press writes. Delta's Laughlin says the grievances "are typical (flight attendant union) campaign tactics." Regardlesss, the Pioneer Press goes on to call the flap the "latest wrinkle in the integration of Delta and Northwest Airlines, which started with Delta's acquisition of Northwest last fall. The merger is expected to be complete by early next year." Stay tuned ...
Humm, if they want to wear the red dress that bad maby they sould quit eating so much and start walking. Just sayin...
The red dresses are a necessity. It alerts all passers by of the impending wide load to follow. Consider it less of a fassion statement, and more of a warning. Secondly- notice they also wear flat shoes? I wonder if they start off that flat in the morning???? Perhaps it's also a safety innitiative- in the event of a water landing, all passengers should seek out the nearest live raft, or floating flight attendant. They're brightly marked to stand out in contrast to the dark water...........
I am pretty sure the flat shoes are a result of technology. Modern metals are just not strong enough to make heels which will withstand such enormous stresses.
It's all just a misunderstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delta will offer the red dresses in Size 28. It's just that the company that manufactures the dresses is currently back logged on orders replacing circus tens for Barnum and Bailey.
I don't understand why a woman above size 8 would want to wear that dress anyway! Maybe at the Polish sausages cookoff??
I don't understand why a woman above size 8 would want to wear that dress anyway! Maybe at the Polish sausages cookoff??
I agree. If you don't have a rockin body, that dress isn't going to do you any favors.
I agree. If you don't have a rockin body, that dress isn't going to do you any favors.

It really doesn't matter what you wear when you are the size of the General's wife.. That big butt slapping everyone up and down the aisle does them no favors, either.
It should be mandatory that FA's are able to walk through the aisle straight forward without their hips hitting the seats!

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