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Best & Worst FBOs at Teterboro

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Heavy Set

Well-known member
Nov 28, 2002
Looks like the boss wants to get closer into the city (we typically use HPN when we are in the area) and he has mentioned TEB given its proximity to his business dealings on the West Side. I have flown in there once or twice but it has been awhile.

For those of you who are either based there or who fly into TEB on a regular basis, which FBOs do you prefer and which do you avoid based on personal experience? Why are they good/bad? We would likely stay 1-2 nights in a row max when we fly in there.

I had heard that First Aviation Services was pretty good but that was from someone who had used them a few years ago. I know Signature and Jet Aviation are also on the field among others.

We've used Meridian for years. Go there atleast once a week and never have any issues. If you are a member of CAA discount fuel program, they are the only vendor on the field and the price usually beats all others by quite a bit.

Friendly staff and nice facility. Ramp can get a little full from time to time but I guess that says something.

We go there 3 times a month. Great staff, competent, friendly, knowledgable. CAA a big plus. Yesterday a great example, we tanker a few hundred gallons and they WAIVE all other fees associated with our Large Class jet. That was a very nice surprise.

if you are stuck there for a few hours, go and check out the state of the art mini theatre with touchscreen controls..really cool way to pass a few hours...
we've switched from jet to meridian a year or two ago. never had a problem with jet, they just seem to get a little more crowded than meridian. plus we always enjoy the movie room while waiting there.
Have used Jet, First, and Meridian at TEB... Meridian is by far the best... and ditto on the CAA comments.
Ask for Christhian!! He is the Ramp supervisor, he is the man and will go out of his way to get what you need..........
We've always used Meridian, but before my time my company had tried a couple of others on the field with mixed results. Meridian does a great job - good customer service on the ramp and inside. They're very fast on quick turns, and the catering's pretty good and cheap. The fuel is a very good price if you're a CAA member. For pilots, Meridian's a pretty cool place to hangout if you have a couple of hours to kill - a great movie theatre, pretty decent gym (with nice locker room facilities), day rooms for catching a nap, etc. They've got a bunch of crew cars if you want to get away for awhile too.

The only negatives I can think of are that I've noticed several times that the weekend crew is definitely the "B" team. Rather than wait on them, numerous times I've had to get my own ice, coffee, papers, etc. I don't really mind that (I used to do it all the time when I was in charter anyway), but it's just kind of annoying if you're trying to get a bunch of other things done. Sometimes I've had to get on them about getting the airplane out on time... That is pretty rare though, and only happens with that weekend "B" team. Overall we're very happy with them.

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